Two Months Ago : Australia’s Worst Drought Due To Global Warming

As the country floods.

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8 Responses to Two Months Ago : Australia’s Worst Drought Due To Global Warming

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    You see, you see! The experts are right, global warming is causing both droughts and floods. Sometimes both at the same time!

  2. MikeTheDenier says:

    Global warming during the twenty first century may be significantly less than that forecast by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), according to a new paper.

    Physicist and Arctic research expert Syun-Ichi Akasofu of the International Arctic Research Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks in the US predicts that the temperature in 2100 will be 0.5C ± 0.2C higher than today, rather than the 4.0C± 2.0C predicted by the IPCC.

  3. John Silver says:

    Building homes on river banks and flood plains is never a good idea, unless you can predict the future.
    They couldn’t.

  4. Baa Humbug says:

    Some of the pics coming thru are simply amazing. Whole towns under water an I don’t mean 1 or 2 metres, water up to the roof lines of houses, cars completely under water and swept away.

    Trouble is, some of these areas were flooded earlier in March so they’re copping it a second time.

    • MikeTheDenier says:

      That’s what they get for building in flood plains. Happens in the USA at regular intervals along the Mississippi and feeder rivers.

  5. peterhodges says:

    this one is killing me.

    it keeps putting off the filming of the new mad max movie…seemingly forever!

    if it keeps raining down there the actual apocalypse will arrive before the post-apocalyptic film!

  6. PandR says:

    Bought a little seaside shack a year ago. With the lack of rain, the old concrete tanks failed in a month. So I looked up Australia’s famous (except CSIRO have never heard of it) 11 to 13 year cycle, and saw we were due for flooding monsoons. Well it was a race to get the new two 30,000 L tanks in. Then I had to bury the bases by hand because they were in a pit, and might have floated away. Finished by TWO WEEKS! The tiny roof on this little house filled the tanks in two more weeks. They’ve been full since. No-one in that tiny settlement thought I was strange, except I probably only needed half that amount, but then again, I am ready for the next turn of the climate cycle. The CSIRO seriously need to talk to Piers Corbyn or the Australian equivalent Haydon Walker.

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