Global Warming Strains Mountain Rescue Teams

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7 Responses to Global Warming Strains Mountain Rescue Teams

  1. etudiant says:

    Why is this a surprise?
    People unused to serious weather stroll off into the hills and are entirely unprepared once they get lost.
    There was a useful sign by the lift line of one of the Vermont ski resorts that said that the mountains are just as cold and desolate tonight as they were 300 years ago. People in the UK have forgotten that.

  2. Mike Davis says:

    Ease of communications and lack of personal responsibility leads people to not think before acting. High fines for rescues or even leaving them till Spring will slow this down if properly promoted.
    If they are left till Spring it is obvious they would not attempt it again. The rescuers should at least wait for favorable weather conditions before attempting recovery operations.
    Rescue operations are an excuse to do stupid things. This is like the 4 students in Florida that went hiking over Christmas Break and got stuck on the mountain.

  3. This post reminds of a documentary about 2 climbers who climbed a face in South America that had never been climbed. Things went very wrong. It’s in 11 parts at YouTube

    Touching the Void

    part 1

  4. Andy Weiss says:

    Mountain hiking/climbing is risky, especially during a record cold winter. It would appear that many people take on these risks without proper equipment or training.

  5. R. de Haan says:

    This is the original post from the BBC
    Ten ships, 600 crew trapped in frozen Sea of Okhotsk

  6. we should not surprised to see the changes of climate.This winter is very cold then last winter.same as summer also.The Earth is going hot.From last ten yaer the Earth’s tempreture increase as 1degree.After some yaers our generation will forget the all the seasons.Because in winter ,there was raining in Gujarat ( India).In Kutch still they are feeling small earthquack.Means ,this is our responsibility to save the climate.Now its time ,we should do something for save cliamte.( Bharat Garachh )

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