Obama Determined To Push Unemployment Higher In 2011


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14 Responses to Obama Determined To Push Unemployment Higher In 2011

  1. Neven says:

    On a side note: When was the last blog post about Chelsea (vs the rest of the world)? And when can we expect a new one?

  2. “Greenhouse gases are pollution.”

    ~Lisa Jackson, EPA head

    So the Obama Administrations wants to get those greenhouse gases, i.e., that ‘pollution’, out of the atmosphere. It can’t be just me that sees the humor in that.

  3. Nobama says:

    The Blaze is running a story about Jon Huntsman running for Prez in 2012. Huntsman is currently a RINO serving as an ambassador to china for Obama…and guess what? He’s a warmer.


    Watch as a number of warmer RINOs are pushed on us in the next 2 years. Everyone needs to know about this treachery.

  4. Andy Weiss says:

    More costly and time consuming BS for business based on very dubious science. Just what the economy needs during a tepid recovery from one of the worst recessions ever

  5. R. de Haan says:

    Texas and the new Congress will be the only battle grounds challenging EPA regulations in 2011.

    And whatever mother nature and the sceptic blogs can throw at them.

    It will be an interesting year.

  6. MikeTheDenier says:

    Reply to article: What supercomputers do Bastardi and Corbyn use?


  7. Dan says:

    Just have the House defund the EPA

  8. Justa Joe says:

    The financiers of “Hype & Change” have laid down the law. It’s Cap & Trade or equivalent or bust.

  9. Scott says:

    Hmm, I had been thinking that an Obama re-election was nearly guaranteed after the way the mid-term elections went (Republicans doing fairly well was IMO actually bad news for people wanting Obama out).

    However, if he maintains this behavior of trying to circumvent the U.S. Constitution…

    Specifically, if he’s pushing so hard for climate change-based regulation via methods that circumvent congress, and if the weather in the U.S. keeps being cold, then I think there’s a decent chance that people will say enough is enough. All it might take is a significant drop in temps in this year and the first 10 months of next year. Making mistakes is one thing, but pushing your agenda and circumventing congress when the evidence is already against you looks really bad.


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