Governor Sibelius Banned New Coal Power Plants In Kansas

She was worried about global warming, and more importantly getting a job for herself in the Obama administration.

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4 Responses to Governor Sibelius Banned New Coal Power Plants In Kansas

  1. Mike Davis says:

    The BLOB is coming to get you and you can not HIDE!

  2. Justa Joe says:

    What’s the matter with Kansas indeed.

    • suyts says:

      Like the rest of the country, we keep electing pinheads. Sometimes I think they use mind altering aerosols in the election booths. An overwhelming majority of Kansans wanted the coal plants.

  3. suyts says:

    She’s such an embarrassment. Its a bit ironic in that her appointment may have allowed the coal plant to be constructed. I’m doubtful, but its possible. The congress in Kansas specifically passed a law to allow the construction, but she vetoed. She used the office of Kansas’ equivalent to the EPA to prevent the construction. When she left to go torture the rest of the country, the new Governor played a political game. Knowing that the EPA would pass rules to block the construction, he instructed state officials not to ban the construction. He did this to appear he was for cheap energy, jobs, etc….. All the while dragging his feet. The new rules of the EPA went into effect Jan 1. All of the necessary permits and documents were obtained in Dec. of last year.

    Ostensibly, this allows the construction of the coal plant under the old rules and not the new ones. I expect much gain for lawyers nation wide.

    BTW, Steve, this plant is suppose to supply Oklahoma and parts of Colorado as well as part of Kansas with some cheap energy. It was a test project for utility companies to see if it could be reasonably done here in Kansas. Other plants were left on the drawing board. Kansas could have been an electric supplier for much of the plains.

    Jobs and cheap energy……who needs it?

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