Pinocchio Working At The Met Office

Where is this end of October forecast where they predicted a cold winter?

Early indications” ROFLMAO

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10 Responses to Pinocchio Working At The Met Office

  1. smiffy says:

    Typical of the left, re-writing history.

  2. omnologos says:

    Lies, damned lies, and the Met Office

  3. Jim says:

    The great folks at the Met Office have revealed they now know the winning numbers of the lottery in advance. To prove it, they will be getting a journalist at the BBC to verify as such after each weekly draw.

  4. Alex the skeptic says:

    What amazes me is the loud silence coming from the main stream media about this great Met-Office debacle, their Stg33 million computers and all. I wonder what would have been their reaction if Piers Corbyn or Joe Bastardi or Jasper Kirkby were to make one single wrong prediction or theory. IMHO, the mainstream media are to blame as much as the politicians and the cli-myth-ologists at the Met Office.

    As one commentator said on WUWT some weeks ago, a more expensive and faster computer will not give you a better answer, but it will give the wrong answer more quickly, or words to that effect.

    • Jimbo says:

      If a political party had done what the Met Office appears to have done there would have been press outrage, heavy investigative journalism etc. The British press are like that. ;>)

  5. Latitude says:

    Considering that it started snowing in September, was -6 degrees in October…

    What was their first clue………..

  6. Andy Weiss says:

    Plenty of 10+ ft. long noses at the MET building. What was their November forecast issued in late October? I don’t recall them forecasting any blizzards or extreme cold.

  7. R. de Haan says:

    The entire warmist movement is infested with Pinocchio’s.
    Some of them with very long noses.

  8. Sundance says:

    It seems that the good people of England are so used to being peed on and told it’s raining, that they are comfortable and do nothing but politely accept more sprinkles from the the political class that funds the MET with money provided by those being peed on. When did the English settle for being lab rats content with government cheese? lol

  9. Paul H says:

    Their first forecast in their news archive mentioning snow was a week before on 19th Nov.

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