Rivers To Run Dry In East Australia



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5 Responses to Rivers To Run Dry In East Australia

  1. smiffy says:

    There’s a famous Aussie poem from the 1800’s, written by a farmers wife, I think, detailing the love hate relationship with the land of “drought and flood”.

    No doubt everyone knows about a certain Tim flannery and his endless drought predictions, on a par with the met office forecasts.

    The cricket commentating legend Richie Benaud (cricket legend too I might add) remarked yesterday during the 5th ashes test “why haven’t they built a few extra dams to catch it all” knowing full well a huge new dam in qld was rejected 3 years ago by the labor government claiming drought was the norm.

    Richie became a God!

  2. Andy Weiss says:

    Australia will have perfectly distributed rainfall if immediate drastic measures are taken to reduce our carbon footprint!

  3. Paul H says:

    They probably forecast they would win the Ashes as well.

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