Day Seven Of The Deep Freeze – Still Automobile Free

Some guy in England riding his bike in the snow

All of my personal transport this winter has been on my mountain bike. It is a blast riding in the snow.

Cars pollute, waste massive amounts of natural resources, take up ridiculous amounts of space, and hurt or kill millions of people every year. I was hit by idiot drivers twice last year, and my back is still sore from the last crash.

When my kids are off on their own, I am going to move somewhere where I can get by without ever getting in an automobile. That is my vision of nirvana.


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8 Responses to Day Seven Of The Deep Freeze – Still Automobile Free

  1. Latitude says:

    I have a bad back, real bad, and one thing I can not do is ride a bike………..

  2. chris y says:

    How about New York city? If Hansen’s CACC-induced sea level forecasts are to be believed, there should be plenty of waterfront property for sale at bargain-basement prices by the year 2000, er 2010, er 2020 or so.

  3. PhilJourdan says:

    I was run off the road more times that I care to remember in HS – I use to cycle to school (about 5 miles) each day, but the cars saw me as a “foreign body”.

  4. Robert Austin says:

    I rode my bicycle to work for 20+ years before staring my own consulting firm. I still ride my bicycle or walk whenever feasible. On the other hand, they will have to take my Hemi from my “cold, dead hands” .

  5. Layne Blanchard says:

    You know, you coulda won those crashes if you were in a monster truck… 🙂

    But I have similar interests. Setting up completely off the grid. Solar Driven Well water trickle pump to elevated storage. Solar Hot water and innovative passive/independent HVAC. Low power LED lighting/refrigeration, etc. Gravity flow septic. Garden. Cell/Internet my only utility. (almost) Free of the need for income.

    I’d like to have a GEM though. Too many close calls on my bike.

    • A driver today stopped at a red light, checked her phone, and then immediately started to make a right turn without looking. If I hadn’t sensed phone induced stupidity in the driver seat, I would have been hit.

  6. Andy Weiss says:

    You are always taking potshots at our wonderful American way of life (sitting in traffic half the day, people yacking on cell phones). What are you, some kind of Commie?

  7. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    “my back is still sore from the last crash”

    apparently, these things really work

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