Hansen 1982 : Temperatures To Warm 10C By 2050


Temperatures were 10C warmer when dinosaurs roamed the planet.




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10 Responses to Hansen 1982 : Temperatures To Warm 10C By 2050

  1. Paul H says:

    Tony D keeps saying Hansen was not serious when he forecast Manhattan would be under water by now.

    Sounds like Hansen is not serious most of the time.

    • Dave N says:

      I believe he was questioning whether he actually said it at all, since it was supposedly some “off the record” interview.

      It’s funny that someone should try and make a point of it, since there’s plenty of other statements from Hansen that amount to the same thing. I’m sure you would have checked out the hauntingthelibrary link; it’s a riot.

  2. Latitude says:

    I think with Hansen it’s past the point of being a scam.
    I think he has convinced himself that it’s real.

    and I think he really needs help

    • That is why lefties consider him the world’s greatest climatologist. Because he is completely incompetent.

    • Jimbo says:

      I agree Latitude. He has convinced himself of AGW since the at least the early 1980s. Another Little Ice Age would not persuade him to change his mind. He is a man mesmerized by an imagined ‘destiny’ of his own making.

  3. Paul H says:

    Does anybody know how Hansen got into such a senioer position in the first place. He was pretty much a nobody when he took over.

    His predecessor and founder of GISS , Robert Jastrow, was apparently highly critical of AGW theories believing that warming was caused by natural factors.


    He was “retired off” in 1981 to allow Hansen to take over, already convinced about AGW. It sounds as if he had friends in high places even at this early stage.

    • Dave N says:

      One might have been Hubert Lamb from the CRU, who a few years before had secured funding from insurance companies to research AGW.

  4. Dave G says:

    I wonder how many of Jim’s fellow employees “Shake their heads” when he starts talking this nonsense? Hard to believe he’s still employed, UNBELIEVBLE

  5. truthsword says:

    It’s not nice to pick on mental unstable people.

  6. Andy Weiss says:

    I believe the UK would welcome some of that tropical weather right now after what they have been thru!

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