Benny Peiser: Did UK Government Keep Cold Winter Warning Secret In Run-Up To UN Climate Conference?

The Global Warming Policy Foundation has called on the House of Commons Transport Select Committee to set up a parliamentary inquiry into the winter advice the Government received by the Met Office and the renewed failure of both the Government and local authorities to prepare the UK transport system for the third severe winter in a row.

In a letter to the Chair of the Transport Committee, Louise Ellman, MP, the GWPF stresses that “Lessons have to be learned well in advance of the start of next year’s winter so that we are much better prepared if it is severe again.”

In recent days, the Met Office has stated that it apparently warned the Cabinet Office in late October that the start of the winter would be exceptionally cold. It would appear that the extreme weather warning was kept secret from the public.

According to media reports, the Cabinet Office has been unwilling to confirm whether or not it failed to pass on the Met Office warning to local and road authorities, airports and water companies.

“Not only is the lack of Government preparedness a cause for concern, but we wonder whether there may be another reason for keeping the cold warning under wraps, a motive that the Met Office and the Cabinet Office may have shared: Not to undermine the then forthcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Cancun,” said Dr Benny Peiser, the GWPF director.

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10 Responses to Benny Peiser: Did UK Government Keep Cold Winter Warning Secret In Run-Up To UN Climate Conference?

  1. Latitude says:

    In order to believe this, you would have to believe that the MET wanted to destroy it’s own reputation. By giving a wrong prediction, on purpose.

    I don’t believe it for one minute.

    There is no science in predicting the weather or climate. These guys are only playing the odds, just like gamblers.
    A few warm years, and they predict a warming trend.
    A few cold years, and they predict a cooling trend.
    A few cold winters, and they predict warmer winters, because it’s unusual to get more than 1-2 extremely cold winter in a row.

    There were a couple of cold winters, they figured the odds of it being even worse was a long shot. That’s all………

    Then not being the brightest bulbs in the box, they tried to cover it up by saying they had really predicted a cold winter, but released a official prediction of the total opposite.

    Truth is, this was a record breaking cold winter. So extreme, that if they could predict anything, there’s no way in hell they would have missed it.

  2. etudiant says:

    Whatever happened to common sense?
    Does having it now disqualify the possessors from government office?

  3. Anything is possible says:

    The Met Office seems to be trying to restore its’ tattered reputation by throwing their paymasters under the bus in an economic climate where said paymasters are desperately scrambling to raise/save every possible penny to try and balance the books.

    Not smart.

  4. TinyCO2 says:

    What do most people do with MET Office predicitons? Put them in the round file?

  5. Charles Higley says:

    As I have said before:

    The MET either
    (1) knew that the winter would be cold and hid it with a warm prediction, as a dishonest run-up to Cancun and, thus, pushing a political agenda, or

    (2) they predicted wrong as usual because (a) they have been wrong so consistently before and (b) they use that huge, useless, hyper-expensive computer model that helps them be so consistently wrong.

    It is hard to believe that they would suddenly be correct and then be stupid enough to hide it to (a) support a political agenda and (b) destroy their reputation even more by telling the public wrong predictions one more time.

    Either way they are losers, either through dishonesty or through incompetence.

    The incompetence choice is not only most realistic and historically consistent, but it also serves Cancun’s purpose, so they would not question their (wrong) prediction. It obviates the idea that there was a government (secret) plot to set the UK up for a public (winter) disaster. If it was a suppressed report and people have died from the cold and lack of proper preparation, some heads should definitely roll for this.

  6. Edmh says:

    The “Warmist” projections made by the UK Metrological Office in 2009 and 2010, left the UK local and transport authorities unprepared and unable to cope with the significant Winter cold spells and in the process lead to many additional deaths. It is now clear that the UK Metrological Office privately considered that the beginning of the Winter 2010 would be exceptionally cold but instead published a forecast in October 2010 that the winter was expected to milder than usual. This action is now assumed to have been intended to avoid spreading “bad news” before the Cancun December 2010 conference.

    So it appears that the Metrological Office and for that matter the UK Government committment to the Global Warming assertion appears to have been thought more important than their obligations to the populace of their own country.

  7. Philip Finck says:

    MET = Meteorological (E)illiterate Tea-sippers

  8. Andy Weiss says:

    The average UK citizen is paying tax money to get the best possible forecast.

    If the MET knowingly gave inferior forecasts to average citizens while giving accurate forecasts to “insiders”, serious prison time should be done!

    If they are lying after the fact to salvage their tattered reputations, they should all be fired!

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