Geography Professor Seeks His Share Of The $2.5 Billion

“I’ll call and raise your idiotic global warming prediction”

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7 Responses to Geography Professor Seeks His Share Of The $2.5 Billion

  1. Latitude says:

    This is old news.
    Obviously Canadian scientists are not behind the ball….

    ….we now know that in order to save the ice, we have to raise CO2 levels

  2. Charles Higley says:

    Those darn simulations! They work so well at producing just the results they need when the real world is going the other way.

    The only way these simulations would predict the way they do is that they have a ridiculous value for the half-life of CO2 in the atmosphere and they must be considering water vapor as a huge positive forcing factor. The CO2 half-life is somewhere between 3 and 15 years (published average is 5.4 years) and not the 200–1000 years used by the IPCC and NOAA, respectively. And, water vapor in a little glass greenhouse may be a positive factor, but in the real world it is part of a huge global heat engine called the Water Cycle. Rising warm, moist air is responsible for about 92% of the energy transfer away from the surface. Condensation, the release of heat to space, and the return of cool water to the surface completes the cycle.

    Even if CO2 did cause a little warming, it would only serve to ramp up the convection heat engine and lead to a slight cooling. As the evidence shows a 250 lag between temperature rise and fall and CO2 rise and fall, CO2 in the real world does not drive the climate.

  3. Chris F says:

    Just another rent seeker.

  4. DEEBEE says:

    2nd paragraph say it is irrreversible
    3rd say it is.
    I am so confused. But then again there are the same jokers that make AGW warm andcool the planet.

  5. Philip Finck says:

    He is a geographer! Geographers aren’t even scientists…… though perhaps that is a factor in his favor. Geographers are fine art students who took first year geology and a drafting course. Sorry geographers ……. I’m in a bad mood….. the global warming is causing it to snow in Nova Scotia and I was supposed to go up in the helicopter tomorrow. Now I will be stuck in the office again writing a paper. I’m at the sea level section and am stuck. What do I write that won’t get deleted by the higher-ups?

  6. Baa Humbug says:

    nah nah they got his job description wrong or did a typo.
    The bloke is a CHOREOGRAPHER writing a university play.

  7. Andy Weiss says:

    All that -30 summertime weather in Antarctica must be doing quite a number on the ice sheet! It’s going to collapse! We are all going to die!

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