What If That $2.5 Billion Was Spent On Fusion Research?

Instead of wasting $2.5 billion per year on the worst science in the history of man, what if the money was spent to develop controlled fusion power technology?

That would kill two birds with one stone, and also solve the imaginary problem climate scientists claim to be worried about.

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9 Responses to What If That $2.5 Billion Was Spent On Fusion Research?

  1. etudiant says:

    Why do you insist on coming up with rational proposals?

  2. Latitude says:

    If they could have figured out a way to pay “undeveloped” countries for it, they would have.

  3. Charles Higley says:

    Nuclear fusion is closer than we think. They have the problem from normal deuterium and tritium fusion of the neutrons produced degrading the reaction chamber as they are not contined by the magnetic bottle. But, helium 3 works perfectly, producing helium-4 and 2 protons, all charged and properly contained. A small fusion reactor has been operating in England for quite some time, but the problem is that helium-3 is rare on Earth, as it is excluded from entering the atmosphere with the solar wind (the major source of helium-3) by our planetary magnetic field. The Moon, on the other hand has been sweeping up helium-3 for billions of years and has collected quite a lot of this precious fuel.

    It is no wonder, then why China and Russia are quite interested in colonizing the Moon and mining helium-3. The one who wins the race will reap huge rewards. The US is NOT in this race for success as our fearless leader has decided to cancel all US plans for the Moon and focus NASA on studying the atmosphere for climate change. Now that ‘s a great use of our resources—NOT!

    As a form of misdirection, as he seems to not want the US to succeed in anything (the canceling of our Moon efforts and possible energy resources fits his attacks on our other energy sources), he has mentioned plans to go to Mars or such. So, why skip the Moon, which would be the logical step to the planets as a useful staging site? Why? It avoids the potential of utilizing helium-3. We would be fools to colonize the Moon as a stepping stone to the planets and not develop helium-3 mining.

  4. Tokamac says:

    This link is what they are up to in the UK, it’s impressive but imagine what could be done if all the money wasted on wind, wave and solar were diverted to it, it makes you weep. The Chinese are about to make a huge push of resources into Fusion they are also sending their scientists to Europe and the US to ‘collaborate’. In a few years time they will go back home and in less than ten years they will probably crack it. Our politicians are so inept they don’t even understand the question let alone the answer.


  5. DEEBEE says:

    Never gonna happen. It will neutralize the greenies raison d;etre

  6. John Silver says:

    Thorium molten salt reactor?
    Oh, I forgot, already developed. Don’t need much more research money.

  7. Baa Humbug says:

    What if? That’s easy. The UN and the EU, full of commies, would come up with another scare story backed up by “science” to scam trillions out of world citizens and to enact global laws to control the said citizens.

    AGW just happened to be an all encompassing scare. They started with minor scares like DDT, Ozone etc and they will continue with or without CO2 and AGW.

    Lets not lose sight of what this is all about

  8. Bruce says:

    It wouldn’t take a tenth of that to make real headway on boron-proton fusion. Looked pretty interesting until money ran out due to the Iraq war and GFC.

  9. Andy Weiss says:

    If we are that close to harnessing nuclear fusion and not taking proper steps to do so, it’s shocking and criminal!

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