Al Gore Introduces The “Droughtflood”

During the past year we learned about hotcold, slowfast and now Nobel Laureate Al Gore introduces the droughtflood.

2007 AL GORE: Australia, they have what some of them are calling a 1,000 year drought now.

2010 AL GORE: the Nobel laureate cited devastating floods in Australia and Pakistan and last year’s drought in Russia as evidence that unchecked global warming threatened famine, poverty and wide-scale destruction.

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17 Responses to Al Gore Introduces The “Droughtflood”

  1. suyts says:

    The Ministry of Plenty will be well pleased with this new word! We’ll get the lexicograph department right on that!

  2. Peter Ellis says:

    Yes, clearly when he said “now” in 2007 he was referring to 2011. How clever of you to spot it.

    • A 1000 year drought would probably cover three years.

      • suyts says:

        Maybe the drought started in 1010. Did you ever think of that!?!?

        That’s probably what Peter was trying to say. Right, Peter? That we shouldn’t hold alarmists to the words that they spew, because though while there are no facts to back up what they babble at us, at least some of it could be plausible, such as my SUV causing concurrent and simultaneous droughts and floods.

        Sometimes, just to be mean, I go out and rev my SUV and send mini-floods and droughts around the world. ((maniacal laugh))

      • Peter Ellis says:

        A “1000 year drought” doesn’t mean a drought that lasts for a thousand years, you complete prune. It means a drought sufficiently severe that you’d only expect to see a comparable event once every thousand years.

        • Do you think a 1000 year drought can happen in a single year, or would it have to span many years like the Federation Drought of 1895-1902? I believe that occurred less than one thousand years ago.

    • Peter Ellis,

      Why would he say 3 year drought? That isn’t scary enough. That happens all the time. Now a 1000 year drought caused by manmade co2, there’s some scaremongering you can sink your teeth into.

  3. Mike Davis says:

    Brother Al needs a lesson in Hydrology before his next presentation because every time he gives a presentation he makes himself look dumber!
    I am beginning to think he has the mental capacity of Mortimer Snerd:

  4. Airframe Engineer says:

    Well, he is, after all, ManBearPig. Lots of things can be one thing, and something else at the same time.

    Why, just look at our Pretendident!

    He is the Pretendident, and at the same time, he’s a frat house man-child, cutting class.

  5. What’s Tony Duncan’s reasoning about this?

  6. Video from today of Australian flood caused by Al Gore’s 1000 year drought

  7. So the droughts been going on for 1000 years? Or, did he mean it will go on for 1000 years? What was his point? If it has been going on for 1000 years and it is caused by man did the Vikings kick it off with smoke from their chimneys? Did people in the Ming Dynasty start it?

  8. Andy Weiss says:

    Like Australia or Pakistan never had a drought or flood until recently.

  9. Jimbo says:

    Al Gore need a comprehensive history of droughts and floods in Australia.

    “Queensland Flood History” [1841 – 2010]

    “Drought in Australia a natural phenomenon”

    The 1990s saw formal Government acknowledgement that drought is part of the natural variability of the Australian climate, with drought relief for farmers and agricultural communities being restricted to times of so-called “exceptional circumstances”.

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