Glacier Life Extended

The IPCC says all glaciers will be gone by 2035, but new studies say they will last until the end of the century.

I personally miss the days when Chicago was under a mile of ice. Damn that global warming.


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8 Responses to Glacier Life Extended

  1. Mike Davis says:

    Now I know where my Ouija Board disappeared to. I loaned it to Big Jim in 1987 and I have not seen it since!

  2. Latitude says:

    At least when the glaciers finally recede, they can find all those houses, towns, and forests that are under them…………….

  3. suyts says:

    lol, well, its hard to make the argument that the world wouldn’t be better off without Chicago.

    Steve, an alternate headline.


    “For the long term, it’s not good for the economy because there will be a drop in river run-off and less water in reservoirs,” says glaciologist Valentina Radic, a professor at the University of B.C. and the lead researcher.

  4. mitchel44 says:

    “Holocene glacier fluctuations prior to the `Little Ice Age’ in Garibaldi Provincial Park in the British Columbia Coast Mountains were reconstructed from geomorphic mapping and radiocarbon ages on 37 samples of growth-position and detrital wood from glacier forefields. Glaciers in Garibaldi Park were smaller than at present in the early Holocene, although some evidence exists for minor, short-lived advances at this time. The first well-documented advance dates to 7700—7300 14C yr BP. Subsequent advances date to 6400—5100, 4300, 4100—2900 and 1600—1100 14C yr BP. Some glaciers approached their maximum Holocene limits several times during the past 10 000 years. Periods of advance in Garibaldi Park are broadly synchronous with advances elsewhere in the Canadian Cordillera, suggesting a common climatic cause. The Garibaldi Park glacier record is also broadly synchronous with the record of Holocene sunspot numbers, supporting previous research that suggests solar activity may be an important climate forcing mechanism. ”

    Sorry, but it’s behind a paywall, it was freeview when I first saw it.

    Pictures of tree tree trunks left in the tongue debris, carbon dated for when they grew there, which is well above the current tree line.

    Ho hum, nothing new….

  5. meanderlake says:

    If melting icecaps are going to be causing colder, snowier winters in the northern temperate zones (as the AGW spin doctors are now telling us), shouldn’t this be causing glaciers to be expanding?

  6. BioBob says:

    If you read the fine print you will see “then again, maybe there will be 20% to 100% of the water added to the glaciers; we just don’t know. Yes, we are clueless headline seeking shills.”


  7. Andy Weiss says:

    More of the SOS. How tiresome!

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