Hitler Was Inspired By The Internet

After reading remarks from public officials about Tucson, I came to the realization that the Nazis had to have been driven by hate speech from the Internet.

And no doubt all of the founding fathers of the US would be classified as dangerous/hateful people by the modern left.

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17 Responses to Hitler Was Inspired By The Internet

  1. Latitude says:

    That must mean liberals are talking bad about liberals…

    …I’ve never seen so much hate speech in my life from the president, speaker of the house, ex-presidents, you name it

  2. Dave G says:

    So true Steve!! when I read the complaints from some dems about having to read the constitution, because it was an old document and shouldn’t be followed anymore!! I was appalled. Guess because I’m a US citizen, an honorable discharged USMC vet and I love my country, this document doesn’t mean much? HOW SAD

  3. suyts says:

    No doubt, this is nothing but another insidious attack on our first and second amendment rights. To the wingnuts out there reading, “rights” look up the word. Then go crawl back under the rock from whence you came.

  4. MikeTheDenier says:

    Corruption of Climate Science Has Created 30 Lost Years
    By Dr. Tim Ball

    People who totally accepted the corrupted, limited and narrowly focused science of the IPCC have taught climate science for the last 30 years.


  5. TimC says:

    Excuse me, but weren’t all left-wingers (whatever then called) thrilled by the following passage, and the universal suffrage (except for slaves):

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    One man one vote implies socialism, sooner or later. See

  6. The left would have gone ballistic over Benjamin Franklin, and probably did back then.

    BTW, people don’t realize the King of England sent troops to put the colonies back into their place over paying taxes. The Founding Fathers wanted to keep the money they earned. They didn’t want the King to have it. Sound familiar?

  7. Andy Weiss says:

    If Al Gore invented the Internet, maybe Hitler was inspired by it.

  8. AndyW says:

    Stupid post.

    Some editiorial control is needed on this blog to retain the quality like the posts done on WUWT.


  9. BioBob says:

    sorry – my snort evaporated into the intarwebs

  10. PhilJourdan says:

    Only the left seems incited to violence by rhetoric.

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