“Losing Winter”

2008 article lamenting the demise of snow in the Northeast.

As Climate Change Takes Hold, Our Coldest Season is the First Casualty

By the end of the century, temperatures in the Northeastern states are likely to rise by eight to 12 degrees Fahrenheit ……


From :  http://hauntingthelibrary.wordpress.com/

h/t to Marc Morano


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3 Responses to “Losing Winter”

  1. Mike Davis says:

    You found a picture of TonyD!
    Or is that an artist rendition of the standard uniform for members of the CLB?

  2. Andy Weiss says:

    The US is about 80% snow covered at present. There are not many people whining about the lack of winter after the last couple of years.

  3. Latitude says:

    Do they have a clue that every person with a brain would be for this?

    That is the worst advertisement for global warming I’ve ever seen……

    woops, I see that was from 2008

    anyway, what I said still stands………..

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