Q : Why Is The Met Office Normally Wrong About Climate?

A : Because they have no clue what they are doing .

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5 Responses to Q : Why Is The Met Office Normally Wrong About Climate?

  1. Latitude says:

    They speak in tongues, and you just don’t know it.
    cool, means record breaking cold
    hot, means cool
    BBQ, is code for floods
    dry means record breaking rain
    mild, means record breaking snow
    We predicted, means we lied
    Not giving monthly forecasts, means we hind-lie

    got it?

  2. M Carpenter says:

    Steven, have you seen this article on the Met Office web site, complete with average winter temperature chart for the UK? and the trend line over 100 years!

  3. Baa Humbug says:

    Some blogging to help relax inbetween flood clean-up,

    I think the Met knows what they want to do, but they’re constantly and consistently stuffed up by mummy nature.
    They want to be able to show that they got m. nature worked out. She keeps saying stuff you fellas, nobody works me out, I work everybody out.
    I dealt with dinosoures, I’ll deal with hominids. You’re nothing but fleas on my back existing at my leisure. The only one of you who understood me was George Carlin, so I invited him to live with me, he was too good for you lot of parasites.

    The more you irrelevant pissy little creatures think you can control me, the more I’m going to devastate you. I did it at Copenhagen, I do it wherever that fat slob Gore speaks, I did it at Cancun and I’ll keep doing it until you wise-up, you sorry a$$ed little pi$$ants

  4. Deanna says:

    You know, this whole hot is cold and cold is hot thing makes me think we are living in the twilight zone. Oh, wait. That sounds familiar. Season 3, episode 10 titled “The Midnight Sun” starring Lois Nettleton! So that’s where they got this whole global warming thing! Directly out of a “Twilight Zone” episode! Rod Serling couldn’t haven’t done it better!

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