Scientists Killing Penguins And Blaming It On Global Warming

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8 Responses to Scientists Killing Penguins And Blaming It On Global Warming

  1. Latitude says:

    and, as usual, they don’t look at the obvious…..

    It’s the increase in poley bears, poley bears are eating more of them

    Remember the dart frogs?
    The scientists introduced a fungus to frogs, it was the scientists studying them that killed them………….

  2. Baa Humbug says:

    Yes I laughed my head off when I first read this. But there is a much much funnier story in a recent tragedy, I wonder if Steve is aware of it.

    Recall the terrible Israel bush fires. they arrested the person who lit those fires.
    Turns out she was an environmentalist attending….well let me cut n paste the story.

    The cause of this particular fire was, sadly enough, the good intentions of a participant in the Rainbow Festival that was being held at the site. For ecological reasons, she burned toilet paper she had used so as not to leave it in nature, and in normal circumstances, that would have been the thing to do. However, due to the strong winds and the unseasonable hot air, the dry grasses caught on fire immediately, and the fire spread in four different directions simultaneously.

    I still ROFLMAO each time I read it.

  3. Gavin Liddiard says:

    Let’s not forget Japan’s commercial whaling industry……… sorry scientific population study.
    Maybe Greenpeace should concentrate on just causes like this.

  4. howler1968 says:

    If the birds are working harder it must be their swimming ability is being hampered and that gives the killer whales a better opportunity to digest them.

    I can see see another study seeking funding – why are killer whales more numerous and overweight?… is global warming influencing this?

  5. PhilJourdan says:

    Michelle Obama should take up this crusade. Out of Shape Penguins! A national tragedy!

  6. Jimbo says:

    Remember the stampeding walruses? I bet it was climate scientists in a helicopter that spooked them.

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