Democrats Find “Ripe Targets Behind Enemy Lines”

Obama said he would bring the “guns to the battle.”

From the Democrat Leadership Counsel.

h/t to Latitude

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4 Responses to Democrats Find “Ripe Targets Behind Enemy Lines”

  1. Ralph says:

    Don’t look to Florida for Democrat support. We ejected the majority of them last year.

  2. Mike Davis says:

    You again misunderstand. You have taken what the Democrats said out of context as they later claimed they were showing Clouds and Rainbows but the graphic artist got it wrong and the proof reader was blind so signed off anyway. You can not blame the Democrat Party for a practical Joke that was played by a naughty Republican graphic artist that wanted the democrats to look bad. Democrats would NEVER knowingly use any language that could be inferred to be harmful to others.

    They thought the circle was a modern day peace sign!!!!! or HAPPY FACE! The color was supposed to be Rose to represent the beauty they see in those that disagree with them!
    I have a really nice 40 acre farm in Siberia for those who agree with the preceding! Cheap at only 10 thousand an acre!

  3. PhilJourdan says:

    If you look at the violence over the past 20 years, with almost no exceptions it is being done by the left. I am not talking about the lunatics like Loughner, but by the rank and file. And the threats have almost exclusively come from the left as well. Like the congressman threatening the Governor Elect of Florida (not even his state).

    It fits the pattern. The left always accuses others of their sins – so the sycophantic press will not report the actual news, just the talking points issued to them by their masters.

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