Guardian Concerned That The UK Press Is No Longer Listening To Climate Science Nonsense

Why can’t other papers be as stupid as we are?


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7 Responses to Guardian Concerned That The UK Press Is No Longer Listening To Climate Science Nonsense

  1. Anything is possible says:

    Given that the UK has just suffered it’s coldest December in living memory, I think most newspapers simply figured that the reaction to a “Warmest year ever” headline would be a combination of outrage and hysterical laughter.

    The Grauniad doesn’t have that problem. Nobody reads it!

  2. Anything is possible says:

    For US readers, “Grauniad ” is a British joke on account of the number of typos the Guardian traditionally contained…

  3. Here’s some nonsense:

    the Australian floods caused by unprecedented global warming:


    1825…….marked the flood to rise here of one hundred feet….. 94 feet 10.5 inches

    1839…….height of between 35 and 40 feet above the level……overflowed its banks to the extent of 54 feet

    The water rose 70 feet at Ipswich and no such flood again seen until the 1893 trouble. In the floods of 1857, 1863, 1864, 1870 the water rose 45 feet to 50 feet in Ipswich. The 1887 flood is said to have risen 50 feet in Ipswich….

    The river rose 50 feet in 12 hours at Ipswich…..

    the Bremer roses 24 or 25 foot…..

    etc., etc., etc.,…………


    h/t Piers Corbyn tweet

  4. Philip Finck says:

    Because people are simply tuning out the AGW loonies.

  5. suyts says:

    lol, that speaks volumes to their relevancy.

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  7. Paul H says:

    Bob Ward is chief spokesman for the Grantham Institute which is no more than a PR body for global warming propaganda.

    He is obviously worried that he will be out of a job soon.

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