NCAR 2007 : Permanent Drought For The Southwest

According to a sobering new study, the Southwest’s aridity is about to get worse. Published in the April 9 issue of Science, “Model Projections of an Imminent Transition to a More Arid Climate in Southwestern North America” predicts that climate change will permanently alter the landscape of the Southwest so severely that conditions reminiscent of the Dust Bowl days of the 1930s could become the norm within a few decades.

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5 Responses to NCAR 2007 : Permanent Drought For The Southwest

  1. Paul H says:

    Meanwhile back at the Dept of Progress and Innovation an electric car gets from London to Edinburgh in 4 days beating the record set in 1829.

  2. I’m thinking that area was known for floods in the past. Makes a perfect location for houses. I know women are all into uncertainty. They love living in hazardous areas.


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