Ehrlich 1969 : Wanted To Poison Water And Food Supplies

Paul Ehrlich was John Holdren’s close scientific partner. John Holdren is Obama’s science advisor. Paul Ehrlich proposed mass poisoning of water and food supplies in 1969.

h/t to and Marc Morano

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10 Responses to Ehrlich 1969 : Wanted To Poison Water And Food Supplies

  1. MikeTheDenier says:

    Less than two weeks into her new gig, Schools Chancellor Cathie Black has riled parents and public officials by jokingly suggesting that “birth control” was the solution to school overcrowding.

    Read more:

    • latitude says:

      Does anyone else find it funny that it is the people already born promoting birth control……………….

    • Jerrymat says:

      Probably poor economic conditions will limit childbirth better than any other situation. My mother told me, when I was 60, that her mother had been forced to a back street abortion when she became pregnant with a third child during the great depression. I have tried to imagine what extreme conditions drove her to that action – it must have really been difficult times.

  2. 1969

    It would be nice is America would finally put the 60’s, and Marxism, behind it.

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  4. kwik says:

    Well, as you probablt know Pol Pot got his ideas at the Sorbonne “University” in Paris.

    And Erlich is the U.S. ideological answer to Pol Pot. Which “University” did he go to?

    • Russ says:

      Too many coincidences to be something other than what it looks like, can you give a link to show that or prove that please.

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