Move The Polar Bears To Mississippi

Environmentalists tell us that there isn’t any ice in the Arctic for the bears. Fortunately, we do seem to have plenty of ice available in the deep south.

A simple solution to the bear problem would be to relocate the bears to Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, where there is lots of cold and ice. Apparently -81F just isn’t cold enough to form ice any more in the Arctic, due to the excess CO2.

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5 Responses to Move The Polar Bears To Mississippi

  1. latitude says:

    Put all the damn bears in a zoo……….

    ……save the seals

  2. Anything is possible says:

    Polar Bears are thought to have evolved from Brown Bears when they were isolated from the rest of the world by advancing ice sheets 150,000 years ago.

    Moving them to Mississippi would allow them to evolve back to their natural state, and rescue them from the purgatory of -30C temperatures and having to dive into icy waters to feed themselves.

    What true animal lover could object to that?

  3. BioBob says:

    feh – polar bears already interbreed with griz and produce viable offspring.

    they are simply races of the same species as it is.

  4. NoMoreGore says:

    Recent polls indicate that Polar bears get heartburn from eating Cajuns. I’d like to suggest NYC or San Francisco. They offer plenty of food and social programs.

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