Pugh Progress Update


Lewis has confirmed that the Arctic is ice free and that there are no Polar bears.



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14 Responses to Pugh Progress Update

  1. latitude says:

    Blond bimbo is not sexist…………..

  2. latitude says:

    Sunday, January 16, 2011
    That dam

    As time passes, the issues relating to the Queensland flooding begin to become clearer. But, as always, the blogs (and Booker) take the lead with the MSM trailing far behind. Posted on the Booker column is a comment from another blog, originally posted by an Australian who lives about 140 miles north east of the Brisbane River catchment, on the coast.

    Of the floods that devastated Brisbane, he notes that the rain depression had formed weeks earlier and had caused disastrous floods in Rockhampton, 250 miles to the north, and caused wide spread flooding in the central Queensland coalfields.

    This rain depression was slowly moving south without losing intensity and flooded the Burnett river catchment to the extent Bundaberg city suffered serious flooding. Still the rain depression moved south with very heavy rain, with the north easterly air flow carrying the rain right into the Brisbane river catchment.

    Thus, the Wivenhoe dam management had plenty of warning that this rain was on its way and had been so for weeks. Yet the policy of the Queensland Government was to keep the dams full because of their advice from the likes of Tim Flannery et al. This was that, because of global warming, Queensland was going to remain in drought.


  3. Tokamac says:

    This photo must have been taken ages ago, the Thames evaporated back in the nineties.

  4. Lance says:

    Not another eco nut who will freeze his arse off and paddle around a few islands and then claim to be an expert and state that he saw open water!!

  5. BioBob says:

    LOL — i can see the headline now:

    Kayak expedition to north pole lost !
    Nunavut 18 July
    Correspondents have sounded the alarm over missing Lewis Pugh, last heard from on his 16 July regular contact. It is thought that the long-distance swimmer was engulfed by an errant rare and endangered polar bear. When contacted, the bear’s only comment was “Urppp!” This is thought to be the latest global warming outrage as the dreaded polar warmcold continues to cover the planet.

    Film at 11

  6. Tokamac says:

    Ah yes! Lewis Pugh, he’s as famous as…as famous as… come to think of it I’ve never heard of him. You don’t think he’s trying to raise his profile with a cheap publicity stunt by any chance? If you do manage to find an open stretch of water don’t fall in Lewis, those Polar Bears are damn fine swimmers!

  7. Scarface says:

    Wasn’t he accidentally crushed by that Russian icebreaker on it’s way to free that other icebreaker?

  8. Al Gored says:

    Please Steven, do keep us updated on this epic voyage. It is going to be fun.

    By the way, what ever happened to the ‘Caitlin Expedition’?

    • He actually tried this a couple of years ago. He made it about 10 miles out of his starting point in Svalbard and was afraid the ice was going to crush his kayak, so he planted a flag and declared victory.

      • Al Gored says:

        Sounds like he would have been a total failure as an Inuit.

        I hope the usual media jumps all over this as the result is bound to be very inconvenient. Will our hero be stopped by too much ice or too many polar bears? Or will experts explain that he forced to turn back when alarming ocean acidity threatened to dissolve his kayak?

        In any case, it is bound to be entertaining.

      • glacierman says:

        That is a resume enhancer in the progressive/liberal world.

        Anyway, this type of stupidity is simply priceless.

    • Beano says:

      I thought Steve had rehashed this story from a couple of years ago. Surely this joker learned his lesson first time around.
      Joe Bastardi has warned that the Arctic ice will rebound stronger than ever this northern summer season – and the U.S. Navy has researched the thickness of the arctic ice and found that it is increasing.

      Didn’t I read somewhere that the Caitlin mob were also going to have another go this year?

  9. Mike Davis says:

    Here I thought those were Glaciers in the back ground of the picture. 🙂 Some one should warn Lewis about Brown Snow! He really needs ti dress to look as if he is in cold climate to be more believable. I was also reading about his heroic journey a few years back.

  10. PhilJourdan says:

    He will make a nice snack for a polar bear (imaginary since global warming has wiped them out).

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