Fastest Warming Place On Earth

A few years ago, the Larsen Ice Shelf (at the tip of The Antarctic Peninsula) was all the rage among those convinced the world was falling apart. We don’t hear much about that part of the world any more.

I wonder why?


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5 Responses to Fastest Warming Place On Earth

  1. rw says:

    They’ve moved on. Which is to say that the whole thing has a migrant air to it.

  2. Nobama says:

    gotta wonder what’s causing those few remaining pockets of slight warmth. Some could be vulcanism.

  3. Josik says:

    New research is showing that the ice shelf isn’t melting at all. The water is much colder than expected.

    Discovered with the help of elephant seals:

  4. peter irvine says:

    looks like your analysing a single day, is that right? If this is the case you could quickly find one that makes the opposite point. There is enormous internal variability in the Earth’s climate. The Larsen ice shelf collapsed in 2002 not as a result of a single warm year (or day), it had been in existence for approximately 12,000 years.

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