GISS vs The Rest Of The World

Met Office

“In the last 10 years the rate of warming has decreased”


“Global temperature is rising as fast in the past decade as in the prior two decades”

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9 Responses to GISS vs The Rest Of The World

  1. bbttxu says:

    In other words, that temperature is rising isn’t under question. Keep the updates coming!

    • suyts says:

      Are you intentionally being obtuse? You could actually endeavor to look at the trends. Turns out, your interpretation is in error. As you can see the linear trend from HadCrut (met office) shows a slight decreasing linear trend. Conversely, GISS shows a slight increasing trend. < 0.1 degree/decade.

      We can go further, tool. Let's check the veracity of GISS' statement.

      Huh, amazing, you and GISS share some of the same characteristics……… You both proudly display your lack of basic climate knowledge and you're both _______ well, I'll leave that for you to fill in the blank. Either way, using GISS' own data, we see that they're clearly in error. Using the Met's own data, we see that what they meant by a "decrease in the rate of warming" was, to be charitable, a bit of an understatement.

      • bbttxu says:

        “Are you intentionally being obtuse?”

        Haha, I never try to be, but you are correct. I should have dug deeper than just the info the OP provided. The title of the post is all wrong too.*

        HadCRUT is, in fact, negative since 2001 (from 2000 it’s positive). The Met office states “In providing the evidence of continued warming and drawing from the work of more than 20 institutions worldwide, the Met Office Hadley Centre compiled results for a range of climate indicators – not just surface temperature.” Difficult to tell if it’s the same dataset used by Wood for trees or not…


        GISS actually agrees with the trends of the “rest of the world” (other datsets available on Wood For Trees). HadCRUT is actually the odd temperature dataset out! :p

      • Morgan in Sweden says:

        GISS has some real issues compared to HARDCRU.

        A. Fewer stations (Just above 1000 compared to ca 2000)
        B. GISS uses a 1200 km smooting over vast areas, HARDCRU just do not guess
        C. GISS does not use sea surface temperature in large areas around the Antarktis and Arktis.
        D. There are areas that are not covered even with the 1200 km smooting

        Forget GISS use HARDCRU, even some of the researchers at GISS prefer HARDCRU.

        In a few years the mean temperature for 2010 will be lowered by GISS,
        just like they did with 1998.

  2. MikeTheDenier says:

    The Met office hasn’t had a chance to adjust the adjustments. Give them a little more time.

  3. suyts says:

    HAHAHAAHAHAHA, Freudian typo!!!! Sorry bbttxu, I wasn’t really calling you a “tool”, I meant, “We can go further, too.”

    Steve, would you please release my comment from purgatory?

  4. Andy Weiss says:

    What is the old saying “figures don’t lie, but liars can figure”?

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