Holder : Aggressively Send The Feds To Your Hometown

CO2 is now listed as an industrial toxic pollutant by the EPA.

Later in his remarks, Holder cited a 2005 report based on EPA data which showed that African Americans were almost 80 percent more likely than white Americans to live near hazardous industrial pollution sites. He said issues like this still exist today.

“In 2011, the burden of environmental degradation still falls disproportionately on low-income communities and communities of color, and most often on their youngest residents: our children, my children,” he told the audience at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington.

Attorney General Eric Holder. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)
“This is unacceptable. And it is unconscionable. But through the aggressive enforcement of federal environmental laws in every community, I believe that we can – and I know that we must – change the status quo.”
Holder, the keynote speaker at the event which also featured EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, said “environmental justice” is also a “personal calling.”
“I want you to know that – at every level of the Justice Department, just like here at the EPA – this work is a top priority,” he said, adding, “and, for me, it is also a personal calling,” he said.


h/t to Marc Morano

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9 Responses to Holder : Aggressively Send The Feds To Your Hometown

  1. JBT says:

    Does our Attorney General feel that environmental laws have been broken or does he believe that the Justice Department should do good for those that he feels need it?

    CO2 is now a toxic pollutant. Should it be removed from the life cycle diagram?

  2. suyts says:

    You know, it isn’t scary that a few lunatic communists temporarily gained some authority, but what is scary is that people believe this stuff.

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    Now they are trying to weasel in CO2 with genuine toxic substances. How ridiculous and disingenuous!

  4. Andy Weiss says:

    And playing the race card on MLK Day to boot. Like African Americans are too dumb to differentiate CO2 from real toxic waste!

  5. Steve Koch says:

    The state governments need to methodically and relentlessly sue the feds to claw back powers that have been usurped by the feds that, as defined by the constitution, rightly belong to the states. The tea party needs to keep pushing the Republican party to be more constitutionalist and more libertarian (within the constraints of electability, of course) to facilitate this transfer of federal power back to the states and individuals.

    Somebody who works in a green house (which often have higher CO2 levels to encourage growth) should sue for having to work in a toxic environment to illustrate the absurdity of the EPA’s ruling.

    It will be disappointing if the Republicans do not at least investigate the EPA and IPCC and reduce the funding of the EPA plus make that funding conditional on reversal of the CO2 ruling (and other conditions TBD).

  6. BioBob says:

    You can’t get me Goddard – today I came prepared wearing a CUP !

  7. MikeTheDenier says:

    MUST SEE YOUTUBE: BBC’s biased reporting of Global Warming


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