“Global warming is going to dominate the future lives of our young people”

“Global warming is going to dominate the future lives of our young people and we have a responsibility to prepare them for this by teaching them what it is and where the solutions lie.”


That would be true, except that everyone died during the 1980s from global cooling or peak oil or crop failure or nuclear winter or whatever the latest mindless leftist neurosis happened to be.

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8 Responses to “Global warming is going to dominate the future lives of our young people”

  1. suyts says:

    I was in a conversation with a young co-worker today and some impending doom story came up. I related the fact that as a child, we used to have to practice nuclear attack drills……where we all hid under our desks. I told her many were convinced that nukes would be the vehicle of our doom. But, soon, we had the next ice age to worry about. We were all going to die! World population soon took over as the next impending doom. Millions, no billions were going to starve to death! We just couldn’t produce enough food to keep pace! Then, we discovered the hole…….there was a hole in the ozone layer! OMG if it spreads, then we will all die!!! We quickly acted and saved the world!……..except we still don’t know if it was there all along or not. All of the laws, all of the money, all of the jobs……poof. But, some still think we saved the world from ourselves. Global warming soon followed, its been a prevalent issue for over 20 years now. Of course, we’ve other ancillary impending dooms, too. Such as lack of drinking water and the like.

    My entire life I have been confronted with predictions of humanity’s destruction. Its always just around the corner or one button push away or some such. I’ve witnessed an entire generation of people that jumped at every shadow or unfamiliar noise. The generation turned out to be a bunch of drug addicted, neurotic, morally corrupt, financially irresponsible, God hating, self-loathing, lazy, massively underachieving, derelicts.

    We’ll all start retiring soon and start turning the reins over to a generation that we’ve schooled in how to be exactly like us except more so. In the end, the baby-boom generation’s greatest achievement and advancement of humanity will be to die off and finally allow world to find peace. And if not peace, perhaps they will struggle against a real threat instead of the litany of imagined threats that we’ve fought in the greatest Quixotic fashion.

    The absolutely last thing on earth I would do would attempt to doom yet another generation to live in fear of the big “what if”. It disgusts me that anyone would even suggest doing something that monstrous to our grandchildren. But what else could I expect from a generation that has consistently elicited my revulsion in their never ceasing acts of cowardice.

  2. BioBob says:

    don’t kid yourself. It is no accident that the powers that be flood the airwaves with tales of gloom and doom. I will let you work out how that is considered advantageous. However, I would suggest to you that most Americans get wise to these tactics with just the smallest whiff of corruption making them useless.

    they will move along to the next alarm as soon as this one becomes more ineffective than not which should be pretty soon now.

  3. BioBob says:

    check this page out – nice graphs !

    I especially like the last sentence:
    “The other interesting thing is that while women are often evil side kicks (like in Bond films) they are almost never the ring leaders. I predict that will change as more and more girls kick the shit out of each other on YouTube.”


  4. Beano says:

    “If it Bleeds it leads” media staple.

    Disaster and end of the world movies do great box office.
    Why would real life horror/end of the world/apocalypse scenarios be any different to movies?

  5. Hayduke says:

    Global Warming is just the latest manifestation of millennialism, a religious response to the unknown, capitalized on by those seeking power over others. Fear has been used for centuries to subdue the populace and keep them in thrall to the ruling elite.

    • 4TimesAYear says:

      Please don’t blame this on millenialism; they don’t buy into the garbage of global warming; they believe in Genesis 8:22. There are some Christians who have recently signed some agreement, but it isn’t millenialists.

  6. 4TimesAYear says:

    That article is essentially the internet equivalent of a VNR for Will Steger; it ought to come with a warning label, lol (not that it isn’t plain to see)

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