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CO2 Has Determined The Entire Course Of Human History

Puritans caused the Little Ice Age. Every event was a direct result of Human CO2 production. Lastly, a significant decrease in emissions began in the 16th century – the one which would herald the minor ice age. Jed Kaplan has … Continue reading

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Fly The Friendly Skies

I booked my flights on “Brussels Airways,” which it turns out was a stealth way for United Airlines to sell tickets under another name. As usual, United screwed things up – their plane broke. I’m at the Denver airport waiting … Continue reading

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The Important Question

Sitting at the airport in Denver with my laptop tethered to my phone. This saves me $15 for the one time Internet connection rip-off service DIA provides. I forgot to mention the most important thing about my trip. Yes, I … Continue reading

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Out Of The Office

I am off to Lisbon for the week, to participate in an EU meeting organized by Jerome Ravetz – “Workshop Conflict Resolution on Climate Change.” I won’t be posting as much this week, but will try to keep everyone updated. … Continue reading

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Write An Article About Global Warming – It Is Easier Than Using Your Brain


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Neurosis Runs Deep At The BBC

Trees don’t want to be hugged. Children want to be hugged. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-12241405

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IPCC : Even More Incompetent Than We Thought

58 percent of glaciers examined in the westerly Karakoram range of the Himalayas were stable or advancing http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE70M1RC20110123

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