Write An Article About Global Warming – It Is Easier Than Using Your Brain



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29 Responses to Write An Article About Global Warming – It Is Easier Than Using Your Brain

  1. suyts says:

    Can anyone find even one example of extinction, blamed on climate change?

    • Dave N says:

      I’m sure there must be a few. The problem is whether their assertions are conclusive.

    • Baa Humbug says:


      Species like “logic” “reason” “reasonableness” etc etc

      • Michael says:

        Yeah—“logic”, “reason”, and “rationality” seem to be highly vulnerable and go extinct at the drop of a hat. People still argue over climate change in terms of “warmer” or “colder”, instead of the “weather” that’s generated and it’s effects; floods, droughts, glaciers, etc. I just read a report correlating “CO2 emissions in historic, and pre-historic, periods. They mean “Second order ESTIMATED emissions”. We have a hard time getting a good estimate of current emissions; given our technology and the many variables involved. Six thousand years ago—Joke, Right?

    • Puckster says:

      Better question:

      How did these specialized species ever make it thus far through the various, well documented, fluctuations in earths climate?

      Are they suggesting these species are younger than pass warm periods in earths history…..I mean even warmer than today?

      Maybe they should be studying how they did that.

      But, that would be an example of the durability of life…..not very gloom and doom.

      • Michael says:

        The really specialized species DIDN’T make it through previous global climate changes. Some of the very specialized ones today won’t make it through this one either. Specialization is a hazard business. Yeah, you do really well in your current situation, but if that situation changes. Tough luck. Ask your local buggy whip maker or blacksmith—-no wait—-.

    • Paul in Sweden says:

      Birds are being killed by wind turbines in increasing numbers, this is clearly due to climate change…policy.

    • Charles Higley says:

      There aren’t any. Six mammals and birds have gone extinct in the last 100 years. One from habitat loss, two from over-hunting, and the rest were on islands where invading species or man forced them off.

      Predictions of species loss from global warming (aka climate change) derived from the use of diversity analysis computer programs that were never designed for this (ab)use. The projections are outlandish and totally fabricated. Just more alarmism. Furthermore, they have absolutely no way to assess species and their abundance with the confidence that they imply. Only high profile, easy to spot species can be assessed on anything like a regular basis.

      The alarm that warming would force upper altitude species off the tops of mountains turns out to be completely false. As warming occurs, the species move up while also staying where they were. There ends up being more species overlap and more species diversity than before. The threat of extinction is significantly decreased. It is during periods of cooling that species are in danger. Oh, we are cooling, so that’s the danger NOW!

    • rw says:

      Willis Eschenbach had a very good article on this topic a while back on WUWT. As Charles Higley noted, there isn’t any. Bird and mammal species loss in the last 100-300 years has been mostly island species dying off because of competition with introduced species. Of course, as the effects of climate mitigation and other environmental follies begin to manifest themselves, the picture may well change (starting perhaps with Indonesia).

      This isn’t to say there aren’t problems, but they’re pretty obvious (excessive poaching, land use, etc.)

    • Michael says:

      All the great droughts were driven by climate changes. Rain forests died and savannas or deserts developed. Not only species, but at times whole genera went extinct. Some atypical members of some species survived because they were better adapted. The best adapted of their offspring survived, less adapted also died. Enough of that and, Voila! , you get a new species. Global climate change gives weather changes- causing evolution. Ce’l vie!

  2. Dave N says:

    It is easy.. just start off with “Climate Change Threatens..”, then write some crap with “could”, ‘if”, “predict”, “experts say” scattered amongst it, and you’re home.

    • Jimbo says:

      Over the next 100 years, many scientists predict, 20 percent to 30 percent of species could be lost if the temperature rises by 1.8°C to 2°C. If the most extreme warming predictions are realized, the loss could be over 50 percent, according to the UN climate change panel.

      Now if we are plunged into another Little Ice Age then I predict that maybe around 30% of species might probably be lost. Don’t they ever think that new areas too cold to accommodate certain species would in time be able to accommodate them? Tundra anyone?

      • Charles Higley says:

        You for got to bold the last part which is another vague conditional: “according to the UN climate change panel.”

  3. Dave G says:

    Is “Adapt” still in the dictionary?

  4. ORdinary Debater says:

    CAGW do affect us in many ways! E g my vinyl record collection ones was a strong and inspiring source of art, but now it gives me a poor impression of that of the days before CAGW.

  5. Paul H says:

    If birds can cope with changes in temp from winter to summer, I am quite sure that they can cope with an odd degree of warming.

  6. omnologos says:

    Latest: CO2 killed the dinosaurs

    Of course it did

    • Red Jeff says:

      Hi Maurizio! I’ve given you an explanation about Ontario temps at Hansens heat in pipeline…. I hope it will help….. Jeff

  7. latitude says:

    They never define what they mean by species….
    …and 97% of all species do not have a backbone.

    I’m going to miss those nematodes

  8. Michael says:

    No one can definitively give you an example of extinction of any species from a single cause (well, maybe a direct comet strike). “Habitat loss” is the largest cause of extinctions; like from asteroid impacts, introduction of over-whelming competitors, advent of humans. Where the climate changes, habitat changes and species die off. If the species are confined to a locale, or climate change is widespread, whole species go extinct.

    It’s called “evolution”.

  9. latitude says:

    You guys do realize we have one group saying trees are migrating up and down…

    …and another group saying they can’t do that

  10. suyts says:

    Pipistrellus murrayi Christmas Island Pipistrelle 27 August 2009
    Psephurus gladius Chinese Paddlefish 8 January 2007
    Lipotes vexillifer Yangtze River Dolphin 19 August 2007
    Melamprosops phaeosoma Po’o-uli 28 November 2004
    Partula labrusca Vine Raiatea Tree Snail 2002
    Capra pyrenaica pyrenaica Pyrenean Ibex January 2009

    To answer my own question, here’s a list of the species thought to have gone extinct in this century. If the formatting holds, it will read fancy shmancy science name, real name, and last seen.

    I couldn’t find anything about the snail, but of the others, only the with the Ibex was climate even mentioned. Here’s the quote, “The reasons behind the extinction of this species are largely unknown, although a number of hypotheses have been suggested including the inability to compete well with other species like livestock and Chamois (Rupicapra pyrenaica pyrenaica) for food, infections and diseases caught from domestic livestock, poaching, infertility and inbreeding problems, and climatic conditions.” Uhmm, if they’re infertile, it doesn’t matter what the climate conditions are. So, no, there is no evidence of recent climate change being cause of recent extinctions. Note, this is just for this century/decade.


    • latitude says:

      That’s nature…
      Sometimes they make good evolutionary choices, and sometimes they don’t.

      Evolving to live in one small consistent niche, is not a good choice.

      But that is exactly what drives evolution…..

      What I find amazing, is that almost without exception, these same people believe in evolution…..

      …..but do everything in their power to stop it

  11. Philip Finck says:

    Gee….. don’t they recognize the connection between people…. house cats….. and suddenly bird populations drop? Maybe the greenies should do something useful such as stuff their cats in a bag, tie it shut with a rock and throw it in the river. Not very human. It wouldn’t be for me. But then, the greenies are against fire arms so what is one to do.

  12. Andy Weiss says:

    Climate is not a constant. Never has been, never will be.

  13. rw says:

    I notice that the article cited is from the NYT. Am currently reading “Gray Lady Down”, which gives an extensive account of the antics of this organization in recent years. Well worth a read, although only recommended for those with strong stomachs.

  14. gaurav says:

    Check this video out on global warming! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gQyqqN8-Sw

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