People At The Frankfurt Airport Speak Some Kind Of Foreign Language

What is up with that? Why don’t they speak American?

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38 Responses to People At The Frankfurt Airport Speak Some Kind Of Foreign Language

  1. MikeTheDenier says:

    Ask some of the locals how to say “Stupid American” in their native language, then listen for it. You’ll be surprised how often you hear it.

  2. Mike Davis says:

    I thought the same thing every time I drove through Colorado! 😉

  3. Gavin Liddiard says:

    It’s been proven by British tourists that they understand you better if you speak LOUDER 😉

  4. Erik says:

    German teaching tape: Die Sauerkraut ist in mein Lederhosen

  5. Jim Cole says:

    Get ready for Portugal.

    An accurate description of Portuguese given to me years ago by a seasoned traveler was “Like Spanish, but spoken by a Frenchman in his cups”

  6. Anything is possible says:

    Whatever you do, don’t mention the war….

  7. Perry says:

    Zey speek Amerikan viz ein Jermann accent.!

  8. Stefan says:

    British people also discover that Americans speak a foreign language.

    American person: “oh you’re from Britain? What language do you speak over there?”

    (actual quotation)

    • Duster says:

      I believe it was George Bernard Shaw that described Britain and the US as two nations separated by a common language.

  9. mkelly says:

    Spent much time in the Azores. Portugese people were a loud argumentative folk. Did not like water, smoked roll-your-own, and produced some very tastey food. Nice people overall. NO FUMAR and no faj (no sweat) were the most common words I heard and understood.

    • Duster says:

      Azorians speak their own brand of Portugese and frequently have little use for “mainlanders” as my grandmother used to call them.

  10. Magnus says:

    They speak the Californian language Schwarzenegerian, or Einsteinian, stupid!

  11. Juergen says:

    My wife (Irish) worked in Munich in a hotel some time ago.
    Some of the American tourists asked question in a loud, clear, simple and slow English and even after my wife talked to them in English. My wife found it so funny.

  12. PhilJourdan says:

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Ein bischen?

    Tell my old home boys hello for me! 😉
    (Oder – Guten Tag!).

  13. peterhodges says:

    what am i going to do for entertainment steven?

    and is this what we have to look forward to from our new ‘smaller government is better” congress??

    GOP pushing for ISPs to record user data

    • Mike Davis says:

      Some ISPs have been doing that for years! They claim it is to make your internet experience better. Actually it is the search engines such as Google but when I had Earthlink I knew they tracked my use and Microsoft does also. Some of it is only for quality of service reports but recent history can be traced on most any type of communications being used today.

    • R. de Haan says:

      I don’t like this at all.
      But watching Obama’s approval rating going from 55 to over 70% after he promised an 80% reduction in CO2, biofuels, 1 million electric cars, a fast raiway connection to replace our aircraft and carbon trading I really think the Americans deserve him for another six years.
      The GOP clearly can’t be trusted and announced they are going to work with
      So the Tea Party will be the only real opposition.
      It’s incredibble, you can screw up the enire country for two years and you get rewarded for being a charletan.

      • peterhodges says:

        “It’s incredibble, you can screw up the enire country for two years and you get rewarded for being a charletan.”

        yes and this process has been accumulating for some 200 years.

        we are doomed.

  14. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Don’t they even speak British? I hate it when I can’t even find people speaking Australian. Sucks when they speak Canadian. Canada sucks.

  15. Layne Blanchard says:

    At least in Europe, English is a 2nd language for some. They get kinda ticked off when you assume they know English.

    Greet in the native language, then ask in the native language if they speak english. It’s Just courtesy.

    • MikeTheDenier says:

      Oh hell no. They either speak american english or they are tools of the commie leaning EU. 🙂

    • PhilJourdan says:

      Good point Layne! I found most more than willing to use their english (even when minimal or weak) in Germany. Germans are some of the friendliest people in Europe.

      Plus, if you greet them in their language as you suggest, it shows that while you may not be fluent, you are at least making an effort in their country.

  16. pRadio says:

    Americans and the British are divided by a common language

  17. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:


    record snow and cold past week in US


  18. Baa Humbug says:

    Just walk around the airport lounge yelling “ischt bin ein Frankfurter” or if you really want some attention ” Mrs Merkel, tear down the climategate walls”

  19. Erik says:

    Them there Germans sure know how to have fun

  20. Erik says:

    More German fun – Böllerschießen! – wee….

  21. Jimbo says:

    Some Germans actually speak better English than the English! I know, I lived in London for many years.

  22. hr says:

    I was waiting to catch a long-distance Eurolines bus from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (central rail station). I needed information and noticed a group of 3 uniformed bus drivers chatting in a language I just couldn’t place. Certainly not a Latin or Germanic language – maybe East European? I asked them a question in German; one of them replied in good English – with a strong Welsh accent. Of course, they had been speaking Welsh…

  23. Hugh Miller says:

    Frankfurter’s and their seemingly endless lack of manners!

    In a bar on the North side of the river was told it was closed, even though there were at least 15 people sitting and a lot of chatter coming from the beer garden.

    At the Deutches Filmmuseum tried to ask the entry fee, met with two staff just saying ‘kein Englisch’. Finally managed to pay went to go up the staircase, one of the staff who’d told us they couldn’t speak Englisch: ‘Excuse me, you cannot take your backpack inside, please use the cloakroom.’!!!

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