Having A Blast In Lisbon

Great cycling, the meetings are fun, the people are interesting. My role is pointing out the common ground – we all want a clean environment, less traffic, lower fuel costs and energy security. It is a question of how do you get there.

Do you scare the kids into madness and apathy, or do you motivate them with the promise of a bright future? I’m going to repeat that theme every day, until we are “reconciled.”

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11 Responses to Having A Blast In Lisbon

  1. Alan Simpson says:

    All want cheaper fuel? Really? It’s the “All” part I am questioning.

  2. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Do you scare the kids into madness and apathy, or do you motivate them with the promise of a bright future?,/i>

    We put a man on the moon. Now, let’s put our best and brightest into getting all the oil and coal within our borders we can, at the lowest price possible, with the cleanest way of burning it possible! Enough with the green alternatives that are not feasible in the real world!

  3. latitude says:

    Start out by telling them all the things that really would clean up the environment…

    ….that have no money because of all the money wasted on this farce

  4. Nobama says:

    I actually don’t mind the tougher CAFE standards. But we need to plan our long term needs, and that means- go all out on exploration. You can’t plan if you don’t know what you have.

    Convert the whole Grid to Thorium and save the coal for other uses if that’s what makes sense. But we should go all out on refineries and domestic production (enough to restore 70% of our oil supply domestically – just for national security purposes)

    • PhilJourdan says:

      The problem with the CAFE standards are that they are arbitrary. The fuel milage has not really taken any great leaps since the 70s because people like comfort and safety (at the price of the cost of gas). Obama said one thing truthfully since running for president – when he said that $5/gal gasoline was his goal. For all his posturing and pontificating, that is the only thing that is going to really raise mileage.

      The rest will just be circumvented. You cannot train water to run uphill on its own no matter how much good it will do.

  5. Andy Weiss says:

    Sounds good to me, Steve.

  6. suyts says:

    Keep after them Steve! Sadly, I think Alan is right. I don’t believe “all” want cheaper fuel.

  7. slp says:

    To me, less traffic is not so important as long as it flows smoothly and is not congested. Imagine the fuel savings alone if the traffic departments were held accountable; if, for example, budgets were inversely proportional to travel times. As bloated bureaucracies, there really is no incentive for them to make things better, in fact possibly the opposite. The worse traffic gets, the more money they get for “improvement.”

  8. Philip Finck says:

    1) a conference of reconciliation is organized
    2) try to get as many of the skeptics there as possible
    3) form numerous committees and working groups … make sure to get each slkeptic on a few
    4) come up with lots of busy work
    5) of course there is money found for travel, etc …. more time consumed
    6 more meetings to come up with concesus …on and on
    7) need more working groups
    8) slowely start to absorb the skeptics into a never ending circle of meeetings, need to write meaningless terms of reference
    9) write terms of reference for writing terms of references for working groups to make up working groups that make up committees…
    10) after a few years the skeptics, that may not be familiar with this type of government and large institutional run-around, realize they have beeen had as the AGW scientists have lust continued on their merry old ways.

    Its kind of like being a perent or head of a society that is put on a Community Services Committee to discuss treatment options for children with disabilities or put on a Dept. of Education to decide where to spend new money on programs for children with learning disorders.

  9. Mike Davis says:

    The call for a debate by the promoters is a delaying tactic because they have already stated they BELIEVE in the Fantasy. As long as the fantasy exists there is NOTHING to debate!
    The call for peaceful negotiations is evidence that they are aware they are losing the propaganda battle!

  10. Jim Cole says:

    Energy conservation/efficiency is one thing.

    “Global warming/climate . . . . whatever” is another.

    CO2 is not now, never was, never will be, a substance that warrants any concern by humanity . . . . unless it falls BELOW about 200 ppm. If that happens, plants die, crops don’t mature, game over.

    Until these three concepts are isolated from one another, any discussion is mindless projection of “values” and preferred statements of “how things ought to be”.

    Science is useful/important in evaluating the first three statements. It is use-LESS for evaluating the value statements.

    When debating “warm-istas”, the most important caution is to NOT accept false premises or contrived arguments based on (e.g.) “CO2 drives temperature”. Make ’em prove it.

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