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Too Cold For Even My Tastes

I just rode home in this : http://www.eol.ucar.edu/

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Hansen 99% Certain That Weather Is Climate


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Trenberth’s Missing Heat : NCAR May See Its Coldest Temperature On Record Tonight

Current mid-afternoon temperature at NCAR is -6.3F. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Boulder is -24F. Skies are clear and the air is still and dry. Stay tuned. http://www.eol.ucar.edu http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boulder,_Colorado  

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Declining Snow Cover : Last Month Had The Sixth Largest January Snow Extent On Record

http://climate.rutgers.edu/ December had the fourth largest. http://climate.rutgers.edu/

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Shock News : Scientist Caught Making Up Global Warming Drivel

OSLO (Reuters/Alister Doyle) – A North Atlantic current flowing into the Arctic Ocean is warmer than for at least 2,000 years in a sign that global warming is likely to bring ice-free seas around the North Pole in summers, a … Continue reading

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Does Obama Still Believe That Anyone Actually Listens To Him?


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It Turns Out That Weather Is Climate, After All


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