Global Cooling Caused Mass Extinction

New research led by researchers at the California Institute of Technology, Caltech, have discovered new details that support the idea that the mass extinction that took place approximately 450 million years ago, known as the Late Ordovician mass extinction, was linked to a cooling climate.

During the Late Ordovician mass extinction more than 75 percent of marine species died, but left very little evidence to help us understand how or what happened.

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6 Responses to Global Cooling Caused Mass Extinction

  1. Dave N says:

    “While it’s been known for a long time that the mass extinction is intimately tied to climate change, the precise mechanism is unclear..”

    Impossible! Michael Mann says that climate change is a new thing, and is human caused!

    “We have found that elevated rates of climate change coincided with the mass extinction..”

    Even more impossible! Elevated rates of climate change have been unprecedented during the last few decades, so how could they have existed back then?

  2. BioBob says:

    lol – dating is only accurate to 10s of millions of years, well ok, perhaps 100s of millions.

    WAGS from the grad student after many decades of study: “we dont know but we like to guess. We have some theories and some sparse data from our unreplicated studies and we would like to make some firm conclusions.” /sarc


  3. Jeff K says:

    When listening to the warmistas decry any amount of warming is seems that any life that would benefit from a warmer world (probably 95% or more) is to be completely discounted if the most important animal of all might be at risk, the POLAR BEAR.

  4. Michael says:

    Sure. And the climate change has been shown to massive dust release, either by an asteroid strike and subsequent volcanism; or vis-versa. And his point was??

    • BioBob says:

      actually, they don’t have a clue as to why anything happened and even the “fact” that something at all happened is kind of blurry on account of the evidence being only observable in 450+ MILLION YEAR OLD ROCK [+- 100 million].

      You know, the scene of the alleged crime is the mother of all ‘Cold Cases’ and the detectives all remind me of Clouseau.

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