AJC Explains The Obvious : Heat Causes Cold And Snow


In the 1970s, climatologists explained that widespread snow and cold was caused by global cooling. But in the 2010s, widespread snow and cold is obviously caused by heat. Trenberth explains this in no uncertain terms : “Global warming is unequivocal.”


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11 Responses to AJC Explains The Obvious : Heat Causes Cold And Snow

  1. latitude says:

    Cynthia has about 15 pages of comments….

    ….trashing her

  2. glacierman says:

    A classic example of the totalitarian left being able to say anything and knowing that the MSM will carry their water. Also a textbook example of a Useful Idiot – Cynthia Tucker.

  3. Dave N says:

    I wonder what alarmists would respond to the question: “if very cold and very snowy is extreme, are ice ages caused by the planet warming?”

  4. NoMoreGore says:

    Amazing that the left can never reconcile their various tenets. Conservatives are painted as wrongly defending “Big Business”, and in the next breath, they complain that Business is heading overseas, and we don’t have enough jobs.

    We now have the industrialized world’s highest corporate tax. They imagine that all the wealth of corporate America is being hoarded by corporate executives, completely oblivious that ordinary Americans by the millions hold shares of ownership in those publicly traded companies.

    I’m not saying that corporations are all fuzzy sweethearts, but you can’t have it both ways: Attack the source of our wealth creation, then wonder why it retreats.

  5. Kent Clizbe says:

    Note the circular back-scratching club here–climate scientist, Cynthia (Harvard Neiman Fellow) Tucker, defends climate scientist, Al (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate) Gore, who was quoting a column by Clarence (Pulitzer Prize winner) Page, the renowned climate scientist, on the science of global warming.

    All that’s missing is Leonardo DiCaprio’s views on CO2, James Cameron’s ideas on methane, Robert Redford’s thoughts on ocean acidification, and a little insight from Sean Penn on hurricane science.

    • Ralph says:

      Don’t forget Brad Pitt’s explanation of how hurricanes after Katrina will be getting bigger, stronger, blah, blah and blah.

  6. It's always Marcia, Marcia says:

    And Al Gore was president too.

  7. Andy Weiss says:

    A typical media bird brain. Who did she sleep with?

    It was not Chicago’s biggest snowstorm, that was in 1967. It was their 3rd biggest Can’t you get a simple fact like that straight?

    • DEEBEE says:

      Cynthia hasbeen spriralling down for eons to the “night of the living dead”. Stating facts to her is no use anymore

  8. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    Cynthia Tucker is a political commentator. She is not a scientist. Apparently she is a fan of Jimmy Carter. I find it telling of a person’s mindset who having lived through 1977-1981 and can still be a fan of Jimmy Carter.

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