Global Warming To Increase Temperatures 0.8C Per Decade In England

Temperatures in England have been rising fairly steadily at 0.025 degrees per decade over the last few hundred years, but they are going to rise 31X faster through 2080.

Climate change will present new opportunities for the South West to dominate the domestic tourism sector and produce exotic crops for the first time, a think tank has claimed.

New species of wildlife are expected to make a home in the West Country for the first time, as global warming increases summertime temperatures by an estimated 5.5 degrees Centigrade by 2080.


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5 Responses to Global Warming To Increase Temperatures 0.8C Per Decade In England

  1. Steve Koch says:

    Hockey sticks aren’t just for hockey. England is going to be awesome, just like Cancun, except everybody speaks English!

  2. Tokamak says:

    Down in sleepy Somerset the only industry is tourism and cheddar cheese making so optimism is compulsory. Sadly the future doesn’t look too rosy for my favourite county. With global temps in free-fall the cows will be producing frozen yoghurt and we Brits will be off to Turkey for our holidays where it’s warm and the deflated pound is still just about worth something.

  3. Andy Weiss says:

    I have some beachfront property in SW England. Any buyers? Just think, in only 1,000 years you will be rich!

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