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Global Warming To Increase Temperatures 0.8C Per Decade In England

Temperatures in England have been rising fairly steadily at 0.025 degrees per decade over the last few hundred years, but they are going to rise 31X faster through 2080. Climate change will present new opportunities for the South West to … Continue reading

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Global Warming In Boston

A Russian friend living in Boston sent me this alarming note about Global Warming. We are having a Russian style winter in Boston. We had a snowfall after a snowfall. Streets are like trenches because of the snow. Turns are … Continue reading

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“Meet the global weirdos”

Meet the global weirdos. They’re the ones telling you that all the snow outside is proof that it’s getting warmer. Only, they don’t call it “warming” anymore. No, that was back in the “Earth has a fever” days. Back when … Continue reading

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Heatwave Hits Fort Collins

Temperatures are above 0F (-18C) in the middle of the Urban Heat Island. http://ccc.atmos.colostate.edu/~autowx/fclwx_plotsearch_form.php  

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US Hurricane Strikes In Rapid Decline Since The 1880s

Y-axis is the ten year running mean of the number of strikes per year. The 1880s was the worst decade for hurricanes. http://www.aoml.noaa.gov/hrd/hurdat/ushurrlist18512009.txt

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Global Warming Reduces Malaria


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Aussie Climate Advisor Explains Why Hurricanes Have Caused No Damage In The US For Almost Three Years

ROSS GARNAUT, CLIMATE CHANGE ADVISOR: While Australia has always been a place of variable climate, a place of drought and flooding rains, the greater energy in the atmosphere and the seas can intensify extreme events and I’m afraid that we’re … Continue reading

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Boston University : Sea Level To Rise Two Metres In The Next 90 Years

New findings, however, point to a rise of anywhere from three to six feet by 2100, lending serious credence to Raymo’s disaster-to-catastrophe creep. http://www.bu.edu/today/node/12237 That would only require an increase of 10X over current rates, which have slowed to about … Continue reading

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Ministry Of Truth Upset About The Use Of Unapproved Propaganda


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Another Blast Of Snow For The UK


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