NCAR : Wolverines Are Threatened By Global Warming

NCAR, which experienced historic cold this week, has a new study showing that global warming is making winters too warm for Hugh Jackman.

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16 Responses to NCAR : Wolverines Are Threatened By Global Warming

  1. Al Gored says:

    This story has been floating around for a while. Needless to say, it is beyond stupid.

  2. Dave N says:

    “Experts say that alarmists could become complete morons by the end of the decade if they continue to spout complete nonsense”

    Oh wait, it already happened.. but hey.. I used the key words “experts say”, “could”, “by”, “if” and “continue”

    • latitude says:

      lol you’re good!

      more money for F&W, something that crossed my desk a few years ago was that each endangered species brings over $2 million a year into F&W

      • Al Gored says:

        latitude – Its worse than just that. If they can get a species, or subspecies, or ‘distinct geographic population’ (real or invented) listed as Threatened or Endangered, that gives legislated funding to save it – which could be a job for life for the ‘experts’ who do the ‘research’ to decide whether it should be listed that high or not. Bit of a conflict of interest, and a powerful incentive to find the worst of course.

        Moreover, those listings, particularly Endangered, are powerful tools to use to lock up land use.

        This is all the product of the new pseudoscience called ‘Conservation Biology’ which is the twisted sister of IPCC global climatology. They work together on many levels, as is perhaps best illustrated by the so-called Threatened polar bear.

        And, really, given the coming planetary fever and all that, what isn’t Endangered? LOL.

  3. Nobama says:

    You know, life must be tough as a wolverine. There you are, out on a Sunday stroll, ripping the guts out of a fawn or something, and along comes an evil cloud of climate disruption which throws a lightening bolt right up your backside, killing you instantly.

  4. Al Gored says:

    Back to this stupid wolverine story. Here’s the crux of it from that link:

    “Springtime snow cover helps protect wolverine dens from predators, and the animal is built to thrive in deep powder.”

    Really. The ONLY potential predator of a wolverine is another wolverine. So if there are less of them, less of a threat.

    But that is beside the point. The reason snow is nice – not necessary – for their dens is that it provides insulation from the cold, for the newborn young. With the planetary fever that would matter less, except for the coldwarm.

    And, yes, they have huge feet – their tracks look like little bears – which helps them “thrive in powder” in the winter, but not so much in the spring, summer, or fall. Moreover, these animals have huge home ranges which typically include big elevation/snow differences. Yet they do not seem to die.

    Could go on but, as I said before, this story is beyond stupid.

  5. There’s some important research myself and maybe a fue others here would like to see experts gather for Greenspace to write about, That is, how huggable are wild Wolverines in their natural environment and what are the effects of man made climate change having on their huggability?

  6. Baa Humbug says:

    I hate greenies with a passion.

  7. colliemum says:

    Why the surprise?
    We all know: four legs good (especially when furry) – two legs bad.
    These watermelons, who aim to get rid of as many humans as possible to save the planet, seem to think that they will be the only ones who’ll survive … well, they’re in for a shock if their politics are going to be implemented.

  8. truthsword says:

    I suspect Ohio State…

  9. Philip Finck says:

    One might suspect that if the wolverines are dying this winter it will be from the coldwarm. My suggestion is to stick a greenie scientists head first into a wolverine den. Then attach a treadmill to the feet and let the scientist generate green energy.

    Store the energy and use it in the spring to power a heating pad placed close to the den. The only limiting factor will be the number of greenie scientists. Then one can say that greenie scientists are going extinct due to the extinction of wolverines caused by warmcold

  10. hyperzombie says:

    I laugh at this so called “science”; the wolverine is the Chuck Norris of the animal world.
    Scientific Facts

    The wolverine is the most vicious, nasty animal on the earth. (It makes rabid wolves and the Tasmanian devil look like the tooth fairy)

    The Wolverine is the only animal that does not cower in the presence of Chuck Norris.

    With one dirty look, a wolverine would make double strength, extra heavy duty, and improved CAGW cry, piss its pants and run home to mommy.

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