US Facing Another Hottest Year Ever

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2 Responses to US Facing Another Hottest Year Ever

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    Warm, cold or in between, every month is the warmest on record (or at very least in the top ten) and every year is the warmest on record. And every month has the lowest sea ice and every month has the least snow cover, etc, etc. Also the polar bears are all dying and we are also getting more blizzards, which is also very consistent with global warming.

    These facts have been peer reviewed and approved by 97% of the best and brightest climate experts. Our media also says its true, thus it must be true. The science is settled, except by a few round earth and moon landing denier kooks.

  2. latitude says:

    When you look at these maps, you would think there’s no error bars at all.

    Temps are either above normal – yellow, or below normal – green

    If they told the truth, everything between yellow and green would be white

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