Guardian : Trees Dropping Dead In The US

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23 Responses to Guardian : Trees Dropping Dead In The US

  1. I’m done with the Guardian they’re freaking loony tunes!

  2. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    It’s dropping acorns that really have their attention.

  3. Baa Humbug says:

    Wow who would have thought a (possible) 0.6DegC of warming would have killed off all those dainty delicate trees.

    Do people actually believe this $hit? seriously, do they really think fractions of degrees of warming or cooling would kill trees?
    How do they suppose these trees survive from one season to the next when Ts change by tens of degrees?

    It’s the age of stoooopid.

    • glacierman says:

      I guess that completely destroys the Hockey Stick Study, and all of dendro climatology for that matter. How can trees be thermometers if the just die when the temperature changes less than 1 degree?

  4. Al Gored says:

    Great photo. I guess it is supposed to look scary.

    Did anyone tell these fools about the fires that swept through Yellowstone that killed those trees? Not because of The Warming. Because Smokey the Bear fire suppression built up a tinderbox that finally ignited back in the 1980s. The same thinking has created vast areas of mature and old forests on public lands in the west, which explains much of this alarmist story.

    Guess nobody told them that post-fire habitats have more bear food either.

  5. NoMoreGore says:

    All I see is some good kindling for my campfire. And a bear that will steal my food.

  6. Pat Moffitt says:

    No mention of the fungal disease known as white bark pine rust that has killed upwards of 90% of trees in some locales. Or how the suppression of the fire cycle has enabled pine beetles to increase. Or the fact Yellowstone sits over a caldera– and some areas see some wild fluctuations in soil chemistry and soil temperature. But the most interesting is West Yellowstone has a negative temperature trend over the last century. And these trees see an annual temperature range the exceeds 100F.
    The data for this site goes back to 1905– picking the last three decades means they don’t have to deal with the higher temps from 4 to 10 decades ago.

  7. Dave N says:

    Someone is bound to say that geysers are caused by AGW.

  8. colliemum says:

    What is it with those greenies – don’t they know that everything dies?

    I’ve long had the suspicion that they proclaim to be ‘scientifically educated’ – but have actually never got their heads round the concept of evolution, nor of anything to do with palaeontology. Else they’d know that specimens die, species die and die out, which drives evolution.

    I think we can now say that cAGW proponents are scientific numpties.

    • Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

      don’t they know that everything dies?

      Apparently not. They think the only use for acorns are as sign of the sky falling.

  9. Puckster says:

    Al Gored says:
    February 7, 2011 at 7:41 am

    Did anyone tell these fools about the fires that swept through Yellowstone that killed those trees?

    Yeah, they look suspiciously like these
    Click Here
    and Click Here

    And, oh yea, poor bear.

  10. Jeff K says:

    I’m surprised the greenies don’t swoop in and collect the dead trees (CO2 contributors) thereby stopping the natural decay/rebirth cycle and truly do some damage.

  11. Shane says:

    What a crock. As it turns out, Yellowstone had a problem with a pine beetle. Apparently a problem that has plagued the area since the 1930’s. Warmer weather kills less of the little buggers I guess. Although an alternative view is that less wild fires clean them out. All of a sudden though its a global hysteria issue instead of an insect issue. Go figure.

  12. Kelathos says:

    I can assure you, that down here in the United States Southeast the only place there isn’t a tree is where we have cut them down. There is plenty of forest for everyone, and it grows like a weed.

  13. Justa Joe says:

    The very conditions that they blame on AGW (hot & humid with lots of CO2) would be a boon to trees.

  14. Doug Proctor says:

    I like the photo of the black bear among fallen trees in Yellowstone. I was there in 2006. Back in the 90’s, around there, there were massive forest fires. Everywhere you looked in 2006 we standing spines of dead trees. They’d better fall over or the concept of wood decaying will be shown false.

    Anything to get the point across, even if it is lies, misrepresentation or misdirection. God will reward the well-intentioned, I guess, even if they are the Bernie Madoff types who tell us what they think we want to hear.

  15. Hal says:

    Stupid trees! We humans have supplied them with more than enough CO2, so now it’s up to them to aborb the stuff and get on with living & leafing.

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