Wind Power Generated 1.9% Of The UK’s Electricity Today

One of wind’s better days.

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17 Responses to Wind Power Generated 1.9% Of The UK’s Electricity Today

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  2. Rick K says:

    Obviously they need more windmills…

  3. Justa Joe says:

    Those pin wheels are a joke. What I don’t get is that there are actually wind fanboys that will come onto blogs to promote these wasteful anachronisms. Of all the things to be a fanboy of why wind turbines?

    I’m left to surmise that they’re actually paid by wind subsidy beneficiaries (like GE & to troll on Sceptic blogs.

  4. Ralph says:

    With 20,000 more wind turbines they could possibly hit 2%, maybe.

  5. Andy Weiss says:

    How many birds are they killing for that 1.9%?

    • Lance says:

      Your not allowed to ask that….(its a livedead bird)

      “This Parrot is dead, …no its not, its sleeping” – monty phyon!

  6. Chilli says:

    That was indeed a good day for wind. Much more interesting to look at the bad days. You can download the last 3 months stats from the bm reports site here:

    I calculated the following stats for wind output relative to rated capacity for the whole 3-month period (assuming the monitored capacity was constant and equal to the quoted 2430MW).

    Max = 85%
    Min = 0.37%
    Average = 25.6%

    Wind output was less than 5% for a total of 7 days over this 3 month period. The longest continuous period with <5% rated wind output was 53 hours from 20th to 22nd December. Also one of the coldest periods.

    The wind output was below the 25% average for 60% of the time!!

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      Note that they lose anywhere from 10-40% of their generating capacity when the temps drop below about 10 deg.F because they can’t operate them when the oil in the gear box is too cold or when ice accumulates on the blades. Then they use a few hundred kW of electricity just to keep them warm.

      Note that they lose about 10-40% of their capacity because they can’t supply grid power when winds at different locations cause them to be out of phase. Putting them on the grid can actually drain more grid power than they produce as a result of the power factor losses.

      I wish a big gale would come along and blow these f-ing things right in the Atlantic.

      Then the hurricane would be blamed on global warming and the solution to that would be some more wind turbines

      When was the last time the English had a revolt they need one now desperately

  7. NoMoreGore says:

    They could set up some reduction gearing and put the local herds to work…

    This is probably plan B

  8. Baa Humbug says:

    No, there is no stopping them. 😦

    “U.S. Commits $50.5 Million to Promote Offshore Wind Industry”

    β€œThe United States is synchronizing new research and development initiatives with more efficient, forward-thinking planning so that we can help quickly stand up an American offshore wind industry,” Salazar said. Meanwhile, a market survey by Bloomberg New Energy Finance this week indicated that the cost of onshore wind power has reached record lows β€” and in some regions is now competitive with coal-powered electricity.”

  9. ES says:

    Wind still beat OTHER, OCGT, OIL, PS, and NPSHYD.

    • Paul H says:

      You can afford to lose half of wind power when it only contributes 5% or so of total electricity.

      When windmills provide 40% in years to come then you will have big problems losing half of that.

  10. Erik says:

    Denmark’s wind power is producing 665Mw right now, here in realtime:

    In the storm yesterday they touched 3300Mw, then got down to 1800, maybe the storm got too strong

    • Erik says:

      “In the storm yesterday they touched 3300Mw”

      3300Mw out of total 5300Mw and they plan do install more – we will need a lot of storage capacity if this pig is gonna fly or they will have to stop some of them in storms

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