Sea Level To Rise Almost Half An Inch Per Year In San Diego

Never mind that it hasn’t risen at all for 30 years, and is not perceptibly different than it was 140 years ago.





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3 Responses to Sea Level To Rise Almost Half An Inch Per Year In San Diego

  1. Dave N says:

    That’s rather like using a skyscraper to demonstrate suburban living.

  2. Philip Finck says:

    The scale on the left is shown to be in meters, so that would indicate a visual rise of around 30 cm in 140 years. That is not unusual but one needs to know the isostatic component in the tide gauge record to make any rel interpretation. If there was a component of uplift then the number could be quite high. If there is subsidence, then eustatic rise could be zero.

    Thirty centimeters in 140 years would not be visible to people due to age expectancy and memory detail lose over time. It also wouldn’t be visible on a photograph.

    I’m not disagreeing at all with your interpretation/comments, it is simply more complicated.

  3. mkelly says:

    I was stationed on Coranado Island for awhile in the Navy. I drove down the Strand to IB several times at week. The homes on the Strand and the hotel on the north end would be inundated so I assume they are now for sale knowing what is coming with the rise in sea level.

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