US Winter Temperatures Cooling At A Rate Of 31 Degrees Per Century



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12 Responses to US Winter Temperatures Cooling At A Rate Of 31 Degrees Per Century

  1. this link is not working !

  2. Ralph says:

    But…but….. it’s getting WARMER! Al Gore said so!! 😀

  3. Philip Finck says:

    That is interesting. It is the 37th coldest (well below the median), and the 9th driest in 117 years. In addition, there is significant snow coverage in the continental US. That suggests that even though parts of the US are buried in snow, other parts are also covered but thickness is well below the median.

    I am having trouble making the connection that all the snow is due to the warm, unusually moist air. It just doesn’t add up. But then that is typical of the simplistic explanations from the warmcoldmoistdry climate (demigods), I mean experts.

    • latitude says:

      I think the ratio of snow to rain is something like 12 to 1.
      12 inches of snow = 1 inch of rain.

      Usually in the winter it’s rain, and a lot more of it.

      So you’re right, this blows a big hole in their warmer Arctic/more moisture thing.

      Which blows an even bigger hole in their “we’re climate scientists” BS…..

  4. Jeff K says:

    For temps to be 20 to 30 degrees below the average this season on a regular basis is pretty astounding, and scary if it keeps up, when you think about it. Imagine the AGW crowd wetting themselves with glee if the temps were 30 degrees above a summer high on a regular basis, like Death Valley everyday.

    • bubbagyro says:

      20 degrees colder in just one year? In 2100, then it will be 180 degrees colder? That is colder than Antarctica! Man, we had better prepare now (precautionary principle).

  5. Gator says:

    OMG! At this rate winter temperatures will be 310F cooler in 1000 years! Quick, BURN something!!!

  6. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    But it’s caused by global warming.


  7. Dave says:

    And that’s a pretty conservative trend line. It really could be as high as 60C per century if you take the 2000 and 2010 values and draw a line.

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