Hey Mike – Check These MWP Tree Rings From Greenland


Trees from Greenland in 1271?

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9 Responses to Hey Mike – Check These MWP Tree Rings From Greenland

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    Didn’t they grow grapes in Greenland?

  2. Jim Cole says:

    Always amazes me that people don’t stop to think where these old (high altitude/high latitude) tree records come from that are supposed to proxy for temperature.

    Major sites are a) fossil forests above modern treeline; b) logs exposed beneath receding glaciers; or c) timbers in old buildings in similar locations.

    That is, old tree records come from places that are too cold/dry to support trees today – – – so those sites were once warmer/wetter than today.


    • Alan Simpson says:

      Jim you are just being an evil kitten eating denier, (TM), how dare you use a logical argument in this debate? /sarc.

      Let’s be honest, when the alarmists are using empirical evidence that makes their case weaker to try to bolster it up even Joe Sixpack can scratch his head and say, “hang on, but if…”.

  3. Robert of Ottawa says:

    The Austrian frozen man Ozzie, who popped out of a glacier some years ago was at the time quoted as an example of global warming melting glaciers. “But hold on, I said, wasn’t he somewhere where there weren’t glaciers when he died?” Interestingly, he wasn’t dressed for climbing glaciers and was armed to the teeth.

  4. LetsGoViking says:

    He isn’t from Oklahoma, fer sure. It was -6 here at the homestead in OKC this morning, and -34 in the Panhandle. That’s real temp, not wind chill.

    But they are calling for 70 Tuesday and I’m sure somebody will say, see it’s global warbling….

  5. omnologos says:

    No sign of triplets?

  6. Mike Davis says:

    I looked at the fact that trees grew in locations where they can not grow today. That was years ago when this stuff was starting and I still do not believe in AGW!

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