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Fort Collins : Below Freezing For 80% Of February So Far

Blame Canada ….. http://ccc.atmos.colostate.edu/~autowx/fclwx_plotsearch_display.php  

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Unprecedented Trapped Heat Causing Extreme Cold And Snow

The world’s leading climate scientists tell us that temperatures are the hottest in at least 100,000 years. http://mapcenter.hamweather.com/ h/t to Amino

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-28F : Coldest Temperature Ever Recorded In Oklahoma

http://www.kjrh.com/ h/t to MikeTheDenier    

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Kansas Town Obliterates Their Low Temperature Record

History for Parsons, KS Thursday, February 10, 2011 http://www.wunderground.com/ Good thing that Obama cabinet member Kathleen Sebelius blocked construction of coal fired power plants in her home state. She wouldn’t want her constituents to avoid freezing to death. h/t to … Continue reading

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The Roots Of WWF : 1758

Icelanders knew what to do with Polar Bears. http://books.google.com/  

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519 Manhattans Of Glacier Ice Broke Away From Greenland In The Year 1816

That is the equivalent of 130 Petermann icebergs, which our looney left friends got hysterical about last year. http://books.google.com/

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Paul Ehrlich 1972 : “everybody will disappear in a cloud of blue steam in 20 years.”

John Holdren’s science partner wrote this in 1972. More evidence of spectacular incompetence in the White House. http://books.google.com/

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Climate Scientists : About 250 Years Behind The Curve

Climate scientists (including Hansen) have recently treated us to some of the dumbest theories in history, to explain how CO2 has caused the past few winters’ cold and relative “warmth” in Greenland.  As usual they demonstrate a complete lack of … Continue reading

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18th Century : “remarkable disappearance of ice at high northern latitudes”

“Exceptional mildness” in Greenland – when CO2 was 280 ppm. http://books.google.com/

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Salon : Rising Temperatures Cause Bitter Cold, And Mubarek


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