“The numbers just aren’t doing what they thought they would and it’s changing some views.”

“A lot of people, including some of the folks who were screaming the loudest about global warming a few years ago, are really starting to quiet down, and some are changing their views,” said Thomas, who isn’t taking a firm stance on global warming just yet. “The numbers just aren’t doing what they thought they would and it’s changing some views.”

But wait, what about Al Gore and the Oscar-winning documentary and all the scientists screaming about carbon emissions?

None of them are necessarily wrong just yet — and they could prove to be right, ultimately — but there have been a couple of misses.

“That whole ‘hockey stick’ model that was one of the key components of the global warming theory, that isn’t happening,” said McDonald, who believes in global warming but isn’t so sure it’s caused by man. “That chart showed averages temperatures as pretty steady for a long period of time and then it shot up over the next several years, making the chart look like a hockey stick.”

What does that mean? Who knows?

“(Global warming is) even murkier now than it was before — and it was plenty murky five or so years ago,” Thomas said. “There has been a lot of data that people just weren’t expecting. There’s even been some evidence of global cooling presented, if you can believe that.”


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5 Responses to “The numbers just aren’t doing what they thought they would and it’s changing some views.”

  1. Latitude says:

    “I also find it hard to be outraged at the global warming folks who, even if they’re dead wrong, will leave us all with cleaner air and cleaner water and a better planet.”
    These are the lies they tell to give ignorants that warm and fuzzy……………..

  2. Andy Weiss says:

    Al Gore’s hockey stick is pointed south, both literally and figuratively!

  3. Justa Joe says:

    The guy comes off as indecisive. Nowadays indecision is passed off as being moderate or ‘thoughtful’. He’s going to wait to see who wins the climate wars then he’ll jump on that band wagon. Meanwhile the warmists are robbing him blind.

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