14 Years Of Unstoppable Global Warming


January 2011 was right at the mean and the median for January temperatures.

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30 Responses to 14 Years Of Unstoppable Global Warming

  1. Rotate counter-clockwise 90 degrees, and you know, it kinda does look like a hockey stick.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  2. bbttxu says:


    Still, the UAH trend is positive over that time interval.

  3. SBVOR says:

    Quick! Panic! Pass some legislation! Spend tens of trillions! Create hundreds of Federal bureaucracies! Impose tyranny! NOW! There is not a moment to lose! We will all surely die soon!

    Or not…

  4. Philip V says:

    Fraud is still fraud, global warming (climate change) is still FRAUD.

  5. suyts says:

    lol, while you guys try and figure out what the “click on the “raw data” link” means,

    Here’s yet another example of MSM hating on Palin. This time in a most egregious manner.


    • Nobama says:

      I think these “mistakes” aren’t mistakes. They figure if they throw enough S@$t at the wall, some of it will stick. Then, print a quiet retraction on a back page somewhere and start a misinformation campaign. Very insidious. Criminal.

  6. Andy Weiss says:

    There may be a very, very, very slight uptrend. We might notice a degree or so difference a couple thousand years from now. And as we all know, humanity and other species have no capacity to adapt to such an abrupt change.

  7. Nice.

    But don’t think for a second anyone has gotten to the bottom of the problem.

    This sort of fraudulent and concocted science is the norm.

    And that’s STILL NOT -the bottom of the problem-.

    The big lie is still lurking in the mean of our conceptions.

    The big lie is being told is that , despite all these human shortcomings, and the inadequacy of science regardless whose science, that ANYONE has the capacity to fathom the depths of the infinite complexity of our HUMAN reality.

    There is no such truth known to man.

    1+1 does not equal 2

    That’s ALL only a crutch in your head, a crutch -just like colors, and species and up and down -none of which exist- except in our heads.

    The only truth we can DEMONSTRABLY know is, every time we try to improve the world, our reality and life, the byproducts of our efforts -debase the world, our reality and the chance for life we will eventually bequeath to the future -if there is a future for human beings.

    Life is a party. Enjoy! But don’t mess it up, Einstein.

    Oh! I almost forgot.

    Put Niagara Falls back the way it was.

    Don Robertson
    Limestone, Maine

  8. truthsword says:

    Once again you must understand that no statistical trend is consistant with AGW.

  9. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:


  10. Sam Bolivar says:

    @ LibertyAtStake :

    Your posted link stated,
    “Guess What? 2 More Years of the Most Unserious President Ever. Unless … ”
    —> Although Obama is ex-CIA (Business International Corp.), an arrogant asswipe, and yes, ‘unserious’ at times (HARDLY a fault – LOL…), he’s not as bad as the war criminal combo of Dubya & Tricky Dick. I can safely presume that you were vocally critiquing those two ‘very serious’ POS, too?

    Oh, and about progressives – if not for progressives, you’d probably be working 6-7 days/week, for pathetic wages, with no insurance and no safety net. Some American libertarians are SUCH hypocrites – they hate to pay taxes which benefit others, until they themselves need assistance/have a medical emergency/etc. – then all of a sudden, maybe welfare AIN’T so bad – they’re quite happy to receive/take all they can. Walk the talk, baby!

    Personally, I dislike the greedy, power-hungry warmongers in Washington, as you presumably do. However, “progressives” are NOT your enemies – it’s those corporate-owned-and-controlled Fascists in D.C. who are … So I actually recommend the Tax Resistance Movement to people, so we may do our bit to slim down the terrorist Pentagon, and Uncle Sam.

    Nevertheless, ever wonder why ‘welfare states’ like Sweden, Denmark, et al, consistently have the world’s highest ‘happiness’ ranks? After all, they pay more in taxes than Americans do, and are better-educated on average, yet they’re happier – think about that a while. It’s NOT taxes per-se which are the problem.

    I rarely view this site, so if you wish to contact me, my email is below.

    Peace and justice,
    Sam Bolivar
    StrivingForJustice at yahoo dot com

    • Todd says:

      You have been agitpropped into ignorance. Only free markets ever improve standards of living for the masses. Sweden, for example, had much freer markets before WWII, managed to escape much of the destruction from that war, and only started its slide towards currency crises and chronic underemployment (aka “staying in school” or “Swedish early retirement through going on the dole”) after the socialist crime called Welfarism.

  11. Joe says:

    The NOAA website for local temps has been posting temps for my area (worcester mass) at about 10 to 15 degrees higher than the actual morning temps. This has been ongoing all this winter. I have started a group logging this. We are being lied, lied lied to.

    • Andy Weiss says:


      The Worcester airport is at a high elevation, above 1,000 ft. , so many calm mornings, they may be above the inverstion layer that tends to make it colder at lower elevations.

      Just trying ot play devil’s advocate, anyhow.

  12. Andy Weiss says:

    The Worcester airport is at a high elevation, over 1,000 feet, so many calm mornings, they may be above the inversion layer that tends to make it colder at lower elevations.

    Just trying to play devil’s advocate, anyhow.

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