Anasazi Mystery Solved – They Opened Too Many Beer Cans

Global warming conditions in the 12th century paralleled those of today.

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13 Responses to Anasazi Mystery Solved – They Opened Too Many Beer Cans

  1. Andy Weiss says:

    It might be wetdry or it might be drywet. It’s anyone’s guess.

  2. Latitude says:


  3. timheyes says:

    No, no, no. The present warm conditions cause more moisture in the air and more rain, snow and cold weather. /sarc.

  4. Mike Davis says:

    A MEGA Drought to start the Little Ice Age when there was a reduced moisture content due to COOLING!
    It is a Friggin Desert!

    • Mike Davis says:

      Most landscape plants are called “Drought Tolerant” in a desert landscape configuration! I only lived it the desert for 50+ years and did my own landscape design.

  5. suyts says:

    Whew……that was a close one!!!! Given this post and another one, I realized my drinking habits may be endangering some dead Indians…… this caused some great consideration and soul searching on my part.

    Let me tell you, this was no easy spur of the moment conclusion I came to. This was a complex problem that would require quick and decisive measures. What to do??? I’ve been told history repeats itself, but I wanted no part of re-killing dead Indians. For the entire two block drive from work to the ‘get-n-go’, this new information weighed heavily on my mind. I mean, sure, I like my can of beer, and this is Friday! I almost always by at least a twelve back on these occasions. Sometimes even 18 packs or even a case! But what of the Anasazi? And could there be other groups of dead Indians forgotten to posterity? Well, I made a decision and, damnit, I was going to stick with it!

    Sadly, habits are hard to break, like a zombie, or a person stuck in a bad dream, even though I didn’t want to, my feet and legs, like they had a mind of their own propelled me, compelled me to walk, toward the cooler where the murderous beverages are vended. I mustered all of the will-power I had! But my arms and hands betrayed me!!! Inexplicably, my hand was reaching for the glass door to the cooler! My legs and arms began to tremble! I slowly raised my head to see where my arms were reaching. Just then, at that moment, the answer was before my very eyes! As Steve noted, it was probably too many beer cans opened that had done them in, but, lo and behold, in front of me was the answer! It was an easy task to divert my unfaithful hands from the twelve pack it was reaching towards. For right next to those 12 cans of beer laid the solution to my problem. …….


  6. Amino Acids in Meteorites says:

    It could happen again. Ya, it could. And it might not happen too. We’re making progress now.

  7. bruce says:

    is that the new six pack work out? his abs have to be sore.

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