Wind Power Fails At The Worst Possible Time

h/t to Latitude

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4 Responses to Wind Power Fails At The Worst Possible Time

  1. suyts says:

    K, this is better so I don’t guilt over being OT!

    lol, I thought windmills ensured control of the weather.

    lmao…..“A $200-million wind farm in northern New Brunswick is frozen solid, cutting off a potential supply of renewable energy for NB Power. …..which provides 12 permanent jobs.”………see, green energy is too a job producer!!! And as a bonus they sometimes provide electricity!

  2. Lance says:

    Just think of all the birds saved by those machines not working!!
    and the quiet for all those folks living around there!!

  3. Anthony says:

    Yeah! Wind turbines aren’t perfect! Let’s burn more oil! Hopefully the that bird is making the most of it’s improved life expectancy by huffing diesel exhaust.

    • IceColdTroll says:

      Hey, in another 20 years Global Warming (TM) mans there won’t BE any ice to clog the windmills, right?!?

      +This message of hope brought to you by the Church of Warmingology.

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