Michigan State University Forgets To Update Their UAH Graph





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5 Responses to Michigan State University Forgets To Update Their UAH Graph

  1. suyts says:

    Its interesting. Spencer changes versions and no one updates the data. Coinciding with drastic drops in temps. Does anyone remember if there was such a lag the last time UAH changed versions. ‘Cause I sure don’t remember there being such a long time without updating the graphs and data.

    • suyts says:

      Speaking of, does anyone have a link to interactive graphs such as the ones at Woodfortrees? HadCrut and RSS are still stuck in 2010 and UAH is stuck in Nov. of 2010 at Woodfortrees. GISS is the only current temp record there. I’d hate to have to quit using it, but its getting pretty dated.

  2. Philip Finck says:

    The two graphs are not directly comparable. The first is temp. depart from a 1979 – 2008 average. The second is temp. depart from a 1982 – 2010 average. Since the 79 – 08 period is warmer than the 82 -10 period, the temperature departure data is shifted. On the first graph you will note that the ’79 departure is given as around -.15 while the later, second graph gives the ’79 departure as around negative .25.

    That isn’t relative to the purpose of the post illustrating the lack of update, but just highlights the nuances of comparing graphs. A set calibration time interval should be chosen in should remain consistent, In my opinion.

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