1970s Global Cooling Panic : Malaria And Record Floods Ravage Pakistan

Now we know that Malaria and floods are caused by global warming.



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4 Responses to 1970s Global Cooling Panic : Malaria And Record Floods Ravage Pakistan

  1. P Gosselin says:

    I’ll have to go back and look at that old Der Spiegel report and see if they claimed the same.

  2. rich mascera says:

    the article says and i quote…”then something happened” and malaria came back…..the something was the beginning of the banning of DDT. environmentalists (rachel carson and her silent spring) at their best. published in 1962 government started to ban the use. probably caused 10 ‘s of millions of deaths.

  3. Kermit says:

    “DDT-resistant insects”

    “Incredible as it might seem, while public health officials were cautiously limiting the usage of DDT, it was being used in increasing amounts in agriculture, especially on cotton, a cash crop (Chapin & Wasserstrom). This heavy use led to resistance among malaria carrying mosquitoes throughout the tropics.”

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